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Sighted travellers

Some Traveleyes travellers at the house of an artist sit round a big table laden with food sheltered by overhanging tree branches.

Being a sighted traveller with Traveleyes is fun and offers a range of benefits.

As a sighted traveller you are given the opportunity to travel with a group, at a discounted price, to a destination of your choice. Once you have Registered to become a member, Contact Us for availability on the holiday of your choice.

You will gain a place in an integrated group of sighted, visually impaired and blind travellers. This is a positive way to meet new people and make friends for life. Sighted travellers help to make independent blind travel a reality. As a sighted traveller you can benefit in the following ways:

You will travel to exciting and interesting destinations with a substantial discount on the price of the holiday.

- Sighted travellers are the eyes for the blind travellers, enabling the latter to travel more independently.

- You will be a friend, fellow holidaymaker and guide, but not a 'carer'.

- You will be there to enjoy a rewarding and memorable holiday. Everyone benefits equally from a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

- Feedback from the sighted travellers has always been as positive and enthusiastic as that received from the blind travellers.

- We recognise that all participants on a holiday bring with them something unique and therefore we encourage applicants from all backgrounds. A few qualities that would be useful include: being a good communicator, being quite good at describing things, being good-natured, positive, reliable and fun.


The first step to becoming a sighted traveller is to register your details using our online Registration form (this is free of charge!). If you have any questions, please Contact Us,