• Great trip to Uzbekistan lots to see and good to be able to see everywhere before it gets too touristy.
    Benjamin Wilson, Blind Traveller - Uzbekistan, October 2019
  • Thoroughly enjoyed my trip with Traveleyes, had a wonderful time and visited beautiful places of interest. Made some friends for life too!
    Valerie Baynton, Sighted Traveller - Uzbekistan, October 2019
  • As a sighted traveller you get a rare glimpse into the amazing lives your fellow visually impaired travellers live. Without exception, they were generous with sharing their personal stories, very willing to answer questions and taught me so much about the technology that has transformed their lives. Fascinating. I have been so humbled and truly inspired!
    Joan Cubbon, Sighted Traveller - Portugal Walking, October 2019
  • I would heartily recommend this trip to anyone wanting a reasonably active holiday in fantastic natural surroundings, as long as they like walking reasonable distances. All elements, manager, guides, food and accommodation work well together.
    Stephen Hopkins - Portugal Walking, October 2019
  • We were apprehensive but needn’t have been - the trip was fabulous, informative and fun with a great bunch of people!
    Karen Brooke, Sighted Traveller - Berlin, August 2019
  • I have been part of a number of Traveleyes holidays as a sighted guide and I always meet interesting fellow travellers. I love the way sighted and visually impaired travellers work together to make each holiday a unique experience. Well done traveleyes.
    Sue Latham, Sighted Traveller - Sorrento, July 2019
  • an unforgettable experience in Sorrento! this was my first travel eyes trip. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the beauty, culture and flavours of Italy! especially the excursions. trip to Capri, sampling local limoncello, drinking far too much coffee and the amazing group of people on the trip were some of my highlights! love Italy, I will be travelling with travel eyes again :-)
    Jaina Mistry, Blind Travellers - Sorrento, July 2019
  • I completely loved this gorgeous adventure. It's allowed me to travel alone (without family or friends) and not feel lost. I strongly believe I will be booking Traveleyes holidays in the future. What a truly lovely rewarding experience.
    Hannah Bidwell, Sighted Traveller - Sorrento, July 2019
  • A lovely holiday in a beautiful location
    Allison Bolster, Sighted Travellers - Sorrento, July 2019
  • I enjoyed my Traveleyes trip to Copenhagen, the management and the sighted guides made me feel comfortable around them. I would certainly do another Traveleyes trip in the future. I think I have the travel bug now.
    Dean Calder, Blind Traveller - Copenhagen, July 2019
  • It was my first Traveleyes experience in Winchester 2019. I found the holiday most informative, and the Traveleyes representatives most accommodating.
    Dean Calder, Blind Traveller - Winchester, July 2019
  • Tremendous cruise experience to Iceland, including several ports of call, to see at first hand the culture, history and breathtaking landscape of the country. The trip was helped tremendously by a great group of people and our fantastic tour manager.
    Steve Whyley, Sighted Traveller - Iceland Cruise, July 2019
  • Lastly, we go on these holidays to see great places and experience wonderful things but never fails to amaze me the best thing is making new friends and on this cruise, I’ve made friends for life.
    Lewis Moran, Blind Traveller - Iceland Cruise, July 2019
  • The Traveleyes walking trip to the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria exceeded my expectations. For the first time, I was able to experience beautiful Alpine meadows and scenery in their mid-summer glory. We had wonderful hosts in Gerry and Sandra who went out of their way to make our stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, whilst also ensuring that we did not miss out on any of Bulgaria's many culinary delights.
    Peter Cawley, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, July 2019
  • This was my first experience of travelling with Traveleyes and I cannot recommend the holiday highly enough. The walks are fabulous, five that were so quiet that you start to think you are alone in Bulgaria. The last one was up to one of the most visited lakes in the country, it was busy but so beautiful. The food was varied and so plentiful that any calories used up during the day were replaced in the evening.
    Elizabeth Caldwell, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, July 2019
  • What a great holiday! A small, family-run hotel just for our group, with welcoming hosts who could not do enough for us. Unspoilt walks in mountain scenery and a range of pre-booked, pre-paid restaurants serving excellent local food. Throw in a great group of travellers and what's not too like. We've been on this trip four times and we just love it.
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, July 2019
  • I was a bit nervous about a walking holiday with visually impaired travellers as we would be in the mountains at altitude with some rocky, steep paths. However, all my fears dispersed as we had excellent, attentive guides and went at an easy pace, stopping plenty of times to admire views and hear about interesting facts about the region. Parts were challenging but it was so elating to finally finish the walk, exhausted but happy to have achieved it. An inspiring experience.
    Valerie Pelletier, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, July 2019
  • I have just returned from walking in Bulgaria. This was my first experience of Traveleyes. The week exceeded all my expectations and I feel extremely privileged to have been part of a group that walked and played so well together. I am looking on the website now to book my next trip!
    Julie Cullen, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, July 2019
  • The Traveleyes Cornwall holiday has many enjoyable aspects. The programme was varied; our companions were interesting company. We were looked after nicely.
    Diana Ambache, Sighted Travellers - Cornwall, June 2019
  • Traveleyes provides the opportunity for those that are blind or have visual difficulties to experience new places with the confidence that there is always someone close to assist them and warn them of dangers. Those without sight loss will be surprised at the achievements of those to whom they give assistance.
    Geoffrey Bligh, Blind Traveller - Cornwall, June 2019
  • Traveleyes really is different. Being in the company of blind and partially sighted people wasn't what I expected. We were warned that there was a Stag Party in the Hotel, and it might be noisy - but I think the noisiest group might have been us! I particularly liked that I could be helpful, and also have a really good time.
    Jeremy Polmear, Sighted Traveller - Cornwall, June 2019
  • If you’re thinking about going on a Traveleyes holiday, do it! You will not regret it! I guarantee you will have an absolutely fabulous time! I have been on two trips this year and they have both been absolutely amazing!
    Keith Pascoe, Blind Traveller - Tuscany school trip, June 2019
  • It was my first Holiday with Traveleyes and I really enjoy the trip to Dublin. I'm a blind person but most of my friends are sighted, so having the possibility to hang around with fellow blinds was extremely interesting. Company was fun and the tour was extremely well organised.
    Maurizio Molinari, Blind Traveller - Dublin, June 2019
  • This was my third trip with Traveleyes. Everyone was excellent and friendly, we soon got to know each other and I really enjoyed the trip as Dublin was a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. The tours were great and the local guides were very friendly. Thanks to everyone on the trip for making it a success, I look forward to going on another Traveleyes trip soon. If you’re reading this and considering whether to book as a VI or sighted traveller, I’d say definitely go ahead.
    Edward Bates, Blind Traveller - Dublin, June 2019
  • El Camino was my very first experience with Traveleyes and I can truly say it is not likely to be my last! I would encourage anyone thinking about joining the company definitely to have a go: you will not be disappointed! Everything is carefully planned and efficiently run, all VI's needs well catered for, great company, well-chosen tour leaders and accommodation. Undoubtedly more expensive than package tours on the open market, but good value, given the reliable guiding and all our needs being catered for. Go for it, you won't regret it!
    Roselyn Macaskill, Blind Traveller - Camino De Santiago, June 2019
  • Just returned from my second trip with TE. Did 6 days Coastal Camino, 135 km. We had heat, rain, shady forests, lemon trees, villages with colourful gardens, sandy beaches, tasty food, great chats, tears of joy, blisters and fun - all with smiling faces. Absolutely loved it. Especially looking at our group when we arrived at the Cathedral place made me very emotional - we did it, all together! Thank you to every single person on this trip.
    Heidi West, Sighted Traveller - Camino De Santiago, June 2019
  • For many years I have wanted to travel on the Camino into Santiago - this looked to be the ideal opportunity made all the more worthwhile by helping a group of visually impaired people achieve their goal as well. Thanks to Traveleyes for making it all possible.
    Roger Troughton, Sighted Traveller - Camino De Santiago, June 2019
  • Amazing holiday to Mallorca, great activities, made new friends and wonderful to make use of the language.
    Jennifer Murray, blind traveller - Mallorca, April 2019
  • The trip to Croatia was everything I had imagined and hoped for; friendly, welcoming travelling guests and tour guides- both from Traveleyes and the island. I felt exhilarated by the kayaking, hiking and magnificent scenery. I felt extremely grateful for the experience of meeting such beautiful people and learning from them all how to really live life, and experience it to the fullest. I can't wait to book another Traveleyes trip.
    Katie Allen, Sighted Traveller - Croatia, April 2019
  • This was my first holiday with Traveleyes and it was a wonderful experience. The tours and excursions were excellent and as a first-time traveller, I was made to feel very welcome by others in the group that had travelled before. I will definitely be booking another trip soon!
    Ramandeep Kaur, Sighted Traveller - Valencia, April 2019
  • I've travelled all over the world, and in many formats - solo, group tours, cruises, and so on - and I've experienced few holidays that resulted in the formation of good friendships as a Traveleyes holiday. The destinations are unique, the itineraries intriguing, and the company compelling.
    Brian Miller, Blind Traveller - Oman, April 2019
  • The Norwich trip was a great education about the varied history of Norwich and enjoyed by all. A good mix of people. Great trip on the Broads to finish off our Norfolk experience.
    Steve Whyley, Sighted Traveller - Norwich, April 2019
  • I enjoyed my first experience with Traveleyes because of the wonderful people who were visually impaired in our tour group. They were a wonderful group of well-travelled individuals who were interesting and interested in what we were all experiencing on the trip. It was an inspirational time.
    Sharrie-Ann Dial, Sighted Traveller - South Korea, April 2019
  • The tour manager was outstanding. The trip to Swaziland was fantastic. I would highly recommend this trip to an experienced and adventurous traveller. This was a really great group to travel with. My traveling companions were the highlight of this trip; everyone was so kind, friendly, funny and great to travel with and get to know. There were many highlights, including hikes, horseback riding, great food, and being chased by an enraged elephant!
    Aaron Richmond, Blind Traveller - Swaziland, April 2019
  • This was my first trip with Travel Eyes decided a short UK break to check I would be confident to be able to guide. Made a few mistakes forgot to tell my partner coming to steps (we were too busy laughing and chatting) so she tripped but no harm done . My partner laughed it off. Mental note to myself to concentrate better .
    The whole trip was relaxed. The experience was made so much fun with our excellent guide who was there for any eventuality.

    I truly hope all my fellow travellers enjoyed it as much as I did. FABULOUS
    Irena Cieslak, Sighted Traveller - Harrogate, March 2019
  • Great holiday with great company - full of admiration for the VIs on these trips - they cope better than some sighted people including me!
    Everything well organized and catered for.
    Ireen Norris, Sighted Traveller - Harrogate, March 2019
  • This being my first trip with Traveleyes, I was a bit skeptical as to how it would work, but I can assure anyone thinking of giving this type of holiday a go, that it is well worth it and very rewarding to know that you have helped someone less fortunate than you to have a holiday.
    Gwendoline Ann Bradley, Sighted Traveller - Harrogate, March 2019
  • This is a great way of enabling sighted travellers and VIs to team up and, between them, discover the world.
    James Bracewell, Sighted Traveller - Oman, March 2019
  • This was my first Traveleyes holiday. It's a fascinating way to travel and I would definitely book with you again.
    Anne J Brown, Sighted Traveller - Istanbul, March 2019
  • The pleasure of joining sighted and visually impaired travellers, whom I hadn't met previously, is as exciting as the actual trip destination. Traveleyes has a synergy which always attracts the most interesting people to its destinations; people from the most amazing, interesting backgrounds who enjoy sharing the adventure and discovery of new places. The patience and generosity of the guides is truly humbling and by the same token, they seem to enjoy sharing with visually impaired people and learning from our experiences and approaches to life. To me, Traveleyes is the best form of networking ever; far superior to social media because we are interacting face to face. Laughter is the constant accompanying soundscape for our interactions, alongside all exotic sounds found in a place such as Istanbul where the call to prayer is electrifying.
    Carrie Reilly, Blind Traveller - Istanbul, March 2019
  • I have been on four varied holidays so far and have really enjoyed them all.
    They offer amazing value for money and you are looked after so well from the moment you meet at the airport until you return,
    with the fun of being part of a friendly caring group of fellow travellers, who quickly become "family"!
    Marilyn Clark, Blind Traveller - Sri Lanka, February 2019
  • Went to Sri Lanka to see their magical land
    A wonderful holiday I had, really grand,
    The scenery, train ride, the spice gardens too.
    These are some of the fabulous things waiting for you.
    Don’t miss out on this beautiful isle.
    Book on the next trip and all you will do is smile.
    Yvonne Duley, Sighted Traveller - Sri Lanka, February 2019
  • Traveleyes offers me as a visually impaired traveller a unique experience and opportunities to travel feeling safe but sometimes challenged! Meeting local guides and enjoying tastes and sounds as well as touching my surroundings is something I only get when I travel with you.
    Sheila Ramdular, Blind Traveller - Caribbean Cruise, February 2019
  • Our first Traveleyes holiday. It provided an excellent insight into guiding VI's. It was a very sociable holiday and we very much enjoyed meeting and being with new people - both VI and sighted. It opened our eyes to a new world and we gained a lot from it.
    Erik Johannesen, Sighted Traveller - Bristol & Bath, February 2019
  • My first trip with Traveleyes gets more than 5 stars. Went to La Palma, had a wonderful hotel at the seafront, with a pool and a fantastic buffet breakfast and dinner.
    Everything was made really easy for us, well organised and the tour manager did it all with a big smile. So much fun we had, learned and laughed a lot and enjoyed the whole
    experience. We all bonded and I honestly hope to meet some of our group again. I am still on cloud nine and have my name on a waiting list for the next trip.
    Thank you all, it was such an honour for me.
    Waltraud (Heidi) West, Sighted Traveller - La Palma, February 2019
  • A great way to meet a diverse group of people, make new friends and explore some amazing places.
    Helena Smith, Sighted Traveller - La Palma, February 2019
  • A relaxing February week in the warmth and relaxed atmosphere of La Palma.
    Looking forward to a similar trip in the winter of 2020.
    Geoff Pickance, Blind Traveller - La Palma, February 2019
  • Traveleyes is unique in its organisation. Sighted people and those who have visual impairment have the opportunity to holiday together. For the sighted traveller it is interesting to find out more about those with visual impairment and their possible attitude to life. For many V I ‘s it is their only way of visiting so many new places. Changing the person you guide each day means you interact with different people is interesting and also means that you get to know a large number of people.
    Margaret Coles, Sighted Traveller - La Palma, February 2019
  • The trip to La Palma was most enjoyable, it’s a beautiful island and it was a pleasure to be part of the group as a sighted guide.
    Carolyn Chapman, Sighted Traveller - La Palma, February 2019
  • If you’re looking for a trip full of laughter and adventure, Traveleyes are definitely the way to go! I had such an amazing time, it’s one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on! Our tour managers were two of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and made the experience of Thailand one I’ll never forget. We managed to get so much done in 2 weeks and everything we did was just incredible! Honestly a trip I’ll never forget!
    Lauren Limmer, Sighted Traveller - Thailand School Trip, February 2019
  • What a great variety of experiences, all on the same holiday! From mountains to beaches. From vineyards to townships. Fantastic food, compelling history and to cap it all off, the chance to get up close and personal with snakes, tarantulas and a cheetah. Yes, you really can do all this even if you can't see. What's not to like?
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Cape Town, February 2019
  • A rich and aromatic blend of coffee, Vulcanism, chocolate, parrots, and Maya. Thank you Traveleyes for expanding my own personal horizons.
    Luke Riches, Blind Traveller - Guatemala, January 2019
  • The Guatemala holiday was fantastic. This was my first holiday with Traveleyes and it definitely won't be the last. I'm beyond impressed with the VIs and it was a wonderful experience to learn how to be a sighted guide.
    Susan Rockliffe, Sighted Travellers - Guatemala, January 2019
  • The Traveleyes trip to Guatemala was a tremendous experience, a combination of enjoyable company, the reward of travelling with VI's as well as sighted people, and the ability to understand the history of the country as well as the modern day local culture. The activity options worked well with the general sightseeing. Most enjoyable was the local co-operative weaving and tortilla making experience, complete with taking part in the simulated family wedding. The hotel locations at Lake Atitlan and in Antigua were fantastic. A great time had by all, led by our experienced smiling leader and local guide.
    Steve Whyley, Sighted Traveller - Guatemala, January 2019
  • I had a very relaxing and most enjoyable holiday in the Seychelles, returning home ready to face the onset of winter! It was a beautiful destination with lots to experience. It was very reassuring to be able to go on holiday as a blind person and to know that you would have assistance throughout if required. Thank you Traveleyes.
    Jamie Cuthbertson, Blind Traveller - Seychelles, January 2019
  • great holiday in excellent company - recommended wholeheartedly
    Christine Martin, Sighted Traveller - Danube River Cruise , January 2019
  • I am a widow who wanted to travel the world but had no-one in a position to accompany me. I was too scared to go alone and nervy about singles holidays (nudge, nudge, you know what I mean). Then I discovered Traveleyes and it has changed my life for the better. I have been to so many places I would not have dared go to before because I know that Traveleyes will look after me if anything goes amiss. There is absolutely no hassle. You say you want to go and if that trip is not sold out you pay your money and turn up at the airport or wherever you are meeting. Traveleyes do the rest, including giving you all the info about the hotel, the itinerary, local currency and customs, etc. I have made so many good friends on these holidays and some of us have stayed in contact. I always look forward to finding out who is on the holiday, because you often meet up with people you have not seen for ages and that is really nice. Whether you are sighted or not, if you want an interesting and fun holiday with super people I recommend you join us.
    Mrs. Gail Jones, Sighted Traveller - Barbados, December 2018
  • Awesome! Beyond my expectations, I can't think of enough good things to say!
    Mr. Ed Miller, Sighted Traveller - Dusseldorf and Cologne, December 2018
  • My first time as a sighted guide, and certainly not my last.
    My best holiday ever, 17 strangers soon became best friends.
    I've learnt so much on this holiday, both about myself and about VIP's and how working together as a team makes everything easier.
    Christine Vickers, Sighted Traveller - Cinque Terre, November 2018
  • This is the fourth Traveleyes trip I have been on and on each occasion I have made friends and am in constant contact with them. The holidays are varied and exciting and really good if you are travelling alone as it's so easy to make friends quickly and be part of the group.
    Valerie Pelletier, Sighted Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • A great experience and would recommend to others to do, pick the right holiday for you. You will be amazed how working as a team with other makes you feel better and enjoy the experience with them. I’ll never forget the people and the Costa Rican experience.
    Helen Townsend, Sighted Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • Costa Rica was an amazing trip of a lifetime with a great group of people, fantastic guides, amazing wildlife and a fab holiday for adrenaline junkies like me!
    Lena Welch, Blind Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • I've been travelling with TravelEyes for just over 6 years and have visited many countries. This trip has to be in my top 3. A great group of people, a stunning destination and a magical mix of adrenalin-fuelled activities with time to chill in a volcanic spa and to get out amongst the wildlife. The opportunity to participate in a group surfing lesson on the Pacific coast is something which will stay with me for a long time.
    Mark Colman, Blind Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • This was my first trip with Traveleyes, but I had heard lots about them. I decided to sign up for a trip as I’d heard of lots of other VI people who had done it. I was unsure at first what it would be like, but those doubts were very soon removed from my thoughts as I got to know my group extremely fast and really enjoyed the trip. We saw a lot of Liverpool and learnt a lot about the history and the culture. The VI’s were great, it was nice to meet up with some new people with sight loss. The guides were absolutely brilliant, I felt they were excellent and were extremely helpful and friendly at all times. Without them, the experience would be far less rewarding. Our tour manager was professional and friendly throughout and she got everything organised extremely well. I would highly recommend this experience to any VIP or sighted person considering going with the company as you do get a lot out of the holidays and meet many interesting people. I look forward to my next trip with Traveleyes hopefully very soon.
    Edward Bates, Blind Traveller - Liverpool, November 2018
  • It was my first time using Travel Eyes and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    Manjit Balli, Blind Traveller - Liverpool, November 2018
  • If you like travelling, meeting new people and feeling useful a Traveleyes holiday is for YOU!
    Ruth Butcher, Sighted Traveller - Liverpool, November 2018
  • Stuck in a rut? Join Traveleyes for a life-enhancing experience. You'll NEVER look back!
    Lesley Tighe, Sighted Traveller - Porto, November 2018
  • See the world - with your eyes, your ears, your fingertips, your taste buds, and most importantly, your heart and an open mind! Traveleyes knows that it doesn't take sight, but vision, and a spirit of adventure to explore the world.
    Dr. Brian Miller, Blind Traveller - Uzbekistan, November 2018
  • Initially, I was a little apprehensive about guiding but what an amazing experience! Some fantastic teamwork from a truly inspirational bunch!
    Debbie Clelland, Sighted Traveller - Kerala, November 2018
  • Traveleyes offers visually impaired people the rare and highly valuable opportunity to explore our wonderous planet without worrying if loved ones or friends are not interested in accompanying us. We have the treat of meeting new people, V.I.'s and Sighted guides on each trip; an opportunity that enriches our holiday and often leading to long-lasting friendships. Travel Eyes is all about Inclusion and the effect this has on the citizens and the countries visited cannot be measured-it affords every day people the opportunity to see that blindness is not the defining trait of the V.I.'s; that we love getting out and exploring new environs, learning about foreign lands and interacting with locals makes for a win/win situation for all who are touched by Traveleyes!
    Carrie Reilly, Blind Traveller - Israel, November 2018
  • Really enjoyed Kenya, my first time in Africa as a VI traveller and I experienced a lot in the 10 days away: feeding the Giraffes was the highlight and we were lucky to see the lions feeding and loads of different birds.
    Ben Wilson, Blind Traveller - Kenya, October 2018
  • A brilliant way to see Kerala, guiding VIs, learning, gaining knowledge about the area, meeting the local people and visiting places that I wouldn't have seen without the local guides. An experience that will be with me always and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Seen some wonderful scenery, met great people and made friends for life.
    Gayle Middlemiss, Sighted Traveller - Kerala, October 2018
  • I had a great group holiday and we all worked together to ensure we had an amazing time.
    Glynis Saunders, Sighted Traveller - Porto, October 2018
  • This company brings a whole new dimension to ‘seeing’ the world as you travel. To say the non-sighted individuals are inspiring is under-selling the impact they will have on you and the travel experience. Everyone should do at least one Traveleyes holiday!
    Kirsty Boazman, Sighted Traveller - India & Bhutan, October 2018
  • Always a very good holiday with Traveleyes great places to visit and experiences.
    Lucy Wilson, Blind Traveller - Uzbekistan, October 2018
  • If you've ever wondered about booking a Traveleyes holiday but have never quite taken the plunge, stop dithering and book yourself onto a trip. Although, of course, a great time isn't guaranteed, there's every chance you'll have a memorable time and make some lovely new friends. Just do it!!!
    Alan Ferguson, Sighted Traveller - Uzbekistan, October 2018
  • Brilliant holiday which I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who loves music and dancing. The music of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans was fantastic. Loved this trip.
    Susan Latham, Sighted Traveller - Southern States, September 2018
  • This was a very interesting way to see a country, it's a slower paced travel and rewarding.
    Gillian Cox, Sighted Traveller - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan , September 2018
  • If you are looking for a holiday a little different then book a holiday with Traveleyes! I am a sighted person and have just spent one the best holidays I've EVER been on. As a guide to VI's, it makes you take more attention to your surroundings and take a more detailed view of the culture, architecture and scenery around you- as well as the food! It puts you awe of these amazing individuals who take on their disabilities with positivity and a desire to try it all- a humbling and SO worthwhile experience - TRY IT !!
    Joy Dansette, Sighted Traveller - Romania Walking, September 2018
  • After returning from my first Traveleyes holiday as a guide for visually impaired people I would highly recommend it and I can’t wait for the next trip!
    Anne Boss, Sighted Traveller - Cinque Terre, September 2018
  • My first trip with this company - wow what a great time! The holiday was one I had been waiting for for a while and did not disappoint in any way. The tour manager and local guide were well versed in their jobs. We were a group of 11, so had a good chance to mix with each other, and being 4 VI and 7 guides some 'free' time too. We learnt about the countries whilst under Russian rule, and saw what was left behind; and what the two countries have done since. The experiences we had will stay with us for a long time, as we recount them to friends and family. Do go and find out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!
    Josephine Cox, Sighted Traveller - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, September 2018
  • Travelling with Traveleyes has been a hugely worthwhile and life-affirming experience and given me a new understanding of how blind and visually impaired people cope with life. The enthusiasm of the VIs on my trip to Romania and the way in which they do not allow their disability to prevent them from living life to the full is inspiring, touching and humbling.
    Simon Hedger, Sighted Traveller - Romania Walking, September 2018
  • This was my first Traveleyes holiday and it won’t be my last. Everyone was so friendly and worked so naturally together it was almost like we were a family.
    When you tell folk you are planning a holiday such as this the reaction is often ‘aren’t you good for giving up your time’—well it’s just not like that at all. In fact, it’s an honour and privilege to assist the visually impaired. It gives a whole new dimension to the holiday as you share your vision with others. All the people I guided were so grateful for everything the whole holiday was a. totally rewarding experience. I just can’t wait for the next.
    Peter Guest, Sighted Traveller - Tandem Cruising in Holland, September 2018
  • What a superb holiday experience. Our trip to the Netherlands for a weeks tandem cycling was amazing. We stayed on a barge, setting out cycling each day and catching back up with our barge each night for a fantastic home cooked three-course evening meals. Great cycling, great food and great company. If you like cycling this is just the holiday for you.
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Tandem Cruising in Holland, September 2018
  • I'm not very good on writing testimonials so all I can say is that if you decide to go on a holiday with Traveleyes whoever you are, sighted or un-sighted, you will have had the best holiday and meet greatest people ever.
    Jean McBride, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, August 2018
  • As a sighted traveller l feel l get as much from the trips as the VIs in terms of the relationship and education and having a holiday whilst being hopefully helpful at the same time.
    Paul Scoreby, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • I can thoroughly recommend the Traveleyes trip to the Loire Valley. There is something for everyone: beautiful majestic chateaux, fascinating history imparted by knowledgeable local tour guides, chocolate-tasting, wine-tasting at a vineyard and, above all, gastronomic pleasures to be found in the hundreds of eating and drinking establishments.
    Doreen Hutchings, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • Traveleyes is a great way to enjoy holidays with both sighted and visually impaired people. As a sighted first timer, I found the vacation a tremendous experience, allowing me to help people with visual difficulties but also learning from them too, about how they lead their very active and sometimes very independent lives. I also enjoyed the rapport of the whole group and will certainly be travelling with the company again.
    Steve Whyley, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • We ate some good food, tasted some good wine, enjoyed good company and had lots of laughs
    Peter Wyeth, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • "Why did you want to go to Mongolia?" friends said - because Traveleyes suggested it, I replied. And it was one of the great holidays I've done. An adventure into an unknown world with the best company and unexpected experiences. Wonderful - I'd go again.
    Debbie Bowles, Sighted Traveller - Mongolia, August 2018
  • Having booked the second holiday with Traveleyes before taking the first in October 2017, I have just returned from the third in August 18. Venice, too many bridges but peripheral vision honed on the window displays; Tenerife, a return after nearly 40 years and Bulgaria, discovering a love of walking above 2000m. All in the endlessly fascinating company of complete strangers, sharing extraordinary life stories.
    Rosemary Cahill, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, August 2018
  • I would recommend travelling with Traveleyes to experience the world in a different way.
    Catherine Howard, Sighted Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • My husband and I are both partially sighted and have travelled with Traveleyes for over ten years. We have visited many countries both long and short hall. We have seen many wonderful sights from the temples of Burma to the cheetahs in South Africa. We have also been nearer to home to Spain, France and Morocco. Each holiday has lived up to our expectations and we have had much laughter with the other travellers. You are helped as much or as little as is necessary to make the holiday experience stress free. We are looking forward to our next trip to The Deep South of America.
    Anne Howell, Blind Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • Traveleyes holidays are rewarding for sighted travellers too! Describing things to VIP's makes you are appreciative of things around you. I have a very close friend who is visually impaired, she uses Traveleyes often as it gives her the independence to travel around the world.
    Ian Hamilton, Sighted Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • It was our first time to travel with Traveleyes and as visually impaired travellers we found it an overall great experience. It was great to travel independently and meet new people and experience new things. It was a very enjoyable holiday.
    Andrew Green, Blind Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • I am seeing the world from a multiplicity of viewpoints and boldly going, under the umbrella of Traveleyes, where I would not go. The company is very contagious, the newsletters and notifications are like a virus in my brain. It is a great service and long may it last.
    Arthur Turner, Blind Traveller - Mongolia, August 2018
  • Mongolia is a beautiful country with some of the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. This is an amazing holiday that provides some unique experiences.
    Christine Willmott, Sighted Traveller - Mongolia, August 2018
  • These holidays are wonderful and I would urge anyone who hasn't tried a Traveleyes trip to try one. They're like no other group holiday, the help offered by the sighted travellers combined with the appreciation of the VI travellers makes for a wonderful holiday experience, full of warmth and camaraderie! I want to say a big thank you to the sighted folk who made my holiday happen for me.
    Colin Palgrave, Blind Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018
  • A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding holiday with a group of like-minded people. If you want something off the beaten track then go ahead and book!
    Christopher Massey, Sight Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018
  • Standing at the crater of Vesuvius - after my trundle up, in the scorching summer sun. Thanks to Traveleyes for giving me this opportunity, and for future ventures.
    Geoff Pickance, Blind Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018

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