• My first time as a sighted guide, and certainly not my last.
    My best holiday ever, 17 strangers soon became best friends.
    I've learnt so much on this holiday, both about myself and about VIP's and how working together as a team makes everything easier.
    Christine Vickers, Sighted Traveller - Cinque Terre, November 2018
  • This is the fourth Traveleyes trip I have been on and on each occasion I have made friends and am in constant contact with them. The holidays are varied and exciting and really good if you are travelling alone as it's so easy to make friends quickly and be part of the group.
    Valerie Pelletier, Sighted Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • A great experience and would recommend to others to do, pick the right holiday for you. You will be amazed how working as a team with other makes you feel better and enjoy the experience with them. I’ll never forget the people and the Costa Rican experience.
    Helen Townsend, Sighted Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • Costa Rica was an amazing trip of a lifetime with a great group of people, fantastic guides, amazing wildlife and a fab holiday for adrenaline junkies like me!
    Lena Welch, Blind Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • I've been travelling with TravelEyes for just over 6 years and have visited many countries. This trip has to be in my top 3. A great group of people, a stunning destination and a magical mix of adrenalin-fuelled activities with time to chill in a volcanic spa and to get out amongst the wildlife. The opportunity to participate in a group surfing lesson on the Pacific coast is something which will stay with me for a long time.
    Mark Colman, Blind Traveller - Costa Rica, November 2018
  • This was my first trip with Traveleyes, but I had heard lots about them. I decided to sign up for a trip as I’d heard of lots of other VI people who had done it. I was unsure at first what it would be like, but those doubts were very soon removed from my thoughts as I got to know my group extremely fast and really enjoyed the trip. We saw a lot of Liverpool and learnt a lot about the history and the culture. The VI’s were great, it was nice to meet up with some new people with sight loss. The guides were absolutely brilliant, I felt they were excellent and were extremely helpful and friendly at all times. Without them, the experience would be far less rewarding. Our tour manager was professional and friendly throughout and she got everything organised extremely well. I would highly recommend this experience to any VIP or sighted person considering going with the company as you do get a lot out of the holidays and meet many interesting people. I look forward to my next trip with Traveleyes hopefully very soon.
    Edward Bates, Blind Traveller - Liverpool, November 2018
  • It was my first time using Travel Eyes and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    Manjit Balli, Blind Traveller - Liverpool, November 2018
  • If you like travelling, meeting new people and feeling useful a Traveleyes holiday is for YOU!
    Ruth Butcher, Sighted Traveller - Liverpool, November 2018
  • Stuck in a rut? Join Traveleyes for a life-enhancing experience. You'll NEVER look back!
    Lesley Tighe, Sighted Traveller - Porto, November 2018
  • Initially, I was a little apprehensive about guiding but what an amazing experience! Some fantastic teamwork from a truly inspirational bunch!
    Debbie Clelland, Sighted Traveller - Kerala, November 2018
  • Traveleyes offers visually impaired people the rare and highly valuable opportunity to explore our wonderous planet without worrying if loved ones or friends are not interested in accompanying us. We have the treat of meeting new people, V.I.'s and Sighted guides on each trip; an opportunity that enriches our holiday and often leading to long-lasting friendships. Travel Eyes is all about Inclusion and the effect this has on the citizens and the countries visited cannot be measured-it affords every day people the opportunity to see that blindness is not the defining trait of the V.I.'s; that we love getting out and exploring new environs, learning about foreign lands and interacting with locals makes for a win/win situation for all who are touched by Traveleyes!
    Carrie Reilly, Blind Traveller - Israel, November 2018
  • Really enjoyed Kenya, my first time in Africa as a VI traveller and I experienced a lot in the 10 days away: feeding the Giraffes was the highlight and we were lucky to see the lions feeding and loads of different birds.
    Ben Wilson, Blind Traveller - Kenya, October 2018
  • A brilliant way to see Kerala, guiding VIs, learning, gaining knowledge about the area, meeting the local people and visiting places that I wouldn't have seen without the local guides. An experience that will be with me always and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Seen some wonderful scenery, met great people and made friends for life.
    Gayle Middlemiss, Sighted Traveller - Kerala, October 2018
  • I had a great group holiday and we all worked together to ensure we had an amazing time.
    Glynis Saunders, Sighted Traveller - Porto, October 2018
  • Always a very good holiday with Traveleyes great places to visit and experiences.
    Lucy Wilson, Blind Traveller - Uzbekistan, October 2018
  • If you've ever wondered about booking a Traveleyes holiday but have never quite taken the plunge, stop dithering and book yourself onto a trip. Although, of course, a great time isn't guaranteed, there's every chance you'll have a memorable time and make some lovely new friends. Just do it!!!
    Alan Ferguson, Sighted Traveller - Uzbekistan, October 2018
  • Brilliant holiday which I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone who loves music and dancing. The music of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans was fantastic. Loved this trip.
    Susan Latham, Sighted Traveller - Southern States, September 2018
  • This was a very interesting way to see a country, it's a slower paced travel and rewarding.
    Gillian Cox, Sighted Traveller - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan , September 2018
  • If you are looking for a holiday a little different then book a holiday with Traveleyes! I am a sighted person and have just spent one the best holidays I've EVER been on. As a guide to VI's, it makes you take more attention to your surroundings and take a more detailed view of the culture, architecture and scenery around you- as well as the food! It puts you awe of these amazing individuals who take on their disabilities with positivity and a desire to try it all- a humbling and SO worthwhile experience - TRY IT !!
    Joy Dansette, Sighted Traveller - Romania Walking, September 2018
  • After returning from my first Traveleyes holiday as a guide for visually impaired people I would highly recommend it and I can’t wait for the next trip!
    Anne Boss, Sighted Traveller - Cinque Terre, September 2018
  • My first trip with this company - wow what a great time! The holiday was one I had been waiting for for a while and did not disappoint in any way. The tour manager and local guide were well versed in their jobs. We were a group of 11, so had a good chance to mix with each other, and being 4 VI and 7 guides some 'free' time too. We learnt about the countries whilst under Russian rule, and saw what was left behind; and what the two countries have done since. The experiences we had will stay with us for a long time, as we recount them to friends and family. Do go and find out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!
    Josephine Cox, Sighted Traveller - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, September 2018
  • Travelling with Traveleyes has been a hugely worthwhile and life-affirming experience and given me a new understanding of how blind and visually impaired people cope with life. The enthusiasm of the VIs on my trip to Romania and the way in which they do not allow their disability to prevent them from living life to the full is inspiring, touching and humbling.
    Simon Hedger, Sighted Traveller - Romania Walking, September 2018
  • This was my first Traveleyes holiday and it won’t be my last. Everyone was so friendly and worked so naturally together it was almost like we were a family.
    When you tell folk you are planning a holiday such as this the reaction is often ‘aren’t you good for giving up your time’—well it’s just not like that at all. In fact, it’s an honour and privilege to assist the visually impaired. It gives a whole new dimension to the holiday as you share your vision with others. All the people I guided were so grateful for everything the whole holiday was a. totally rewarding experience. I just can’t wait for the next.
    Peter Guest, Sighted Traveller - Tandem Cruising in Holland, September 2018
  • What a superb holiday experience. Our trip to the Netherlands for a weeks tandem cycling was amazing. We stayed on a barge, setting out cycling each day and catching back up with our barge each night for a fantastic home cooked three-course evening meals. Great cycling, great food and great company. If you like cycling this is just the holiday for you.
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Tandem Cruising in Holland, September 2018
  • I'm not very good on writing testimonials so all I can say is that if you decide to go on a holiday with Traveleyes whoever you are, sighted or un-sighted, you will have had the best holiday and meet greatest people ever.
    Jean McBride, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, August 2018
  • As a sighted traveller l feel l get as much from the trips as the VIs in terms of the relationship and education and having a holiday whilst being hopefully helpful at the same time.
    Paul Scoreby, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • I can thoroughly recommend the Traveleyes trip to the Loire Valley. There is something for everyone: beautiful majestic chateaux, fascinating history imparted by knowledgeable local tour guides, chocolate-tasting, wine-tasting at a vineyard and, above all, gastronomic pleasures to be found in the hundreds of eating and drinking establishments.
    Doreen Hutchings, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • Traveleyes is a great way to enjoy holidays with both sighted and visually impaired people. As a sighted first timer, I found the vacation a tremendous experience, allowing me to help people with visual difficulties but also learning from them too, about how they lead their very active and sometimes very independent lives. I also enjoyed the rapport of the whole group and will certainly be travelling with the company again.
    Steve Whyley, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • We ate some good food, tasted some good wine, enjoyed good company and had lots of laughs
    Peter Wyeth, Sighted Traveller - Loire Valley, August 2018
  • "Why did you want to go to Mongolia?" friends said - because Traveleyes suggested it, I replied. And it was one of the great holidays I've done. An adventure into an unknown world with the best company and unexpected experiences. Wonderful - I'd go again.
    Debbie Bowles, Sighted Traveller - Mongolia, August 2018
  • Having booked the second holiday with Traveleyes before taking the first in October 2017, I have just returned from the third in August 18. Venice, too many bridges but peripheral vision honed on the window displays; Tenerife, a return after nearly 40 years and Bulgaria, discovering a love of walking above 2000m. All in the endlessly fascinating company of complete strangers, sharing extraordinary life stories.
    Rosemary Cahill, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria Walking, August 2018
  • I would recommend travelling with Traveleyes to experience the world in a different way.
    Catherine Howard, Sighted Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • My husband and I are both partially sighted and have travelled with Traveleyes for over ten years. We have visited many countries both long and short hall. We have seen many wonderful sights from the temples of Burma to the cheetahs in South Africa. We have also been nearer to home to Spain, France and Morocco. Each holiday has lived up to our expectations and we have had much laughter with the other travellers. You are helped as much or as little as is necessary to make the holiday experience stress free. We are looking forward to our next trip to The Deep South of America.
    Anne Howell, Blind Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • Traveleyes holidays are rewarding for sighted travellers too! Describing things to VIP's makes you are appreciative of things around you. I have a very close friend who is visually impaired, she uses Traveleyes often as it gives her the independence to travel around the world.
    Ian Hamilton, Sighted Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • It was our first time to travel with Traveleyes and as visually impaired travellers we found it an overall great experience. It was great to travel independently and meet new people and experience new things. It was a very enjoyable holiday.
    Andrew Green, Blind Traveller - French Riviera, August 2018
  • I am seeing the world from a multiplicity of viewpoints and boldly going, under the umbrella of Traveleyes, where I would not go. The company is very contagious, the newsletters and notifications are like a virus in my brain. It is a great service and long may it last.
    Arthur Turner, Blind Traveller - Mongolia, August 2018
  • Mongolia is a beautiful country with some of the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. This is an amazing holiday that provides some unique experiences.
    Christine Willmott, Sighted Traveller - Mongolia, August 2018
  • These holidays are wonderful and I would urge anyone who hasn't tried a Traveleyes trip to try one. They're like no other group holiday, the help offered by the sighted travellers combined with the appreciation of the VI travellers makes for a wonderful holiday experience, full of warmth and camaraderie! I want to say a big thank you to the sighted folk who made my holiday happen for me.
    Colin Palgrave, Blind Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018
  • A thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding holiday with a group of like-minded people. If you want something off the beaten track then go ahead and book!
    Christopher Massey, Sight Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018
  • Standing at the crater of Vesuvius - after my trundle up, in the scorching summer sun. Thanks to Traveleyes for giving me this opportunity, and for future ventures.
    Geoff Pickance, Blind Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018
  • I have to say my Holiday with Traveleyes is the best one I have had in years, great Fun with lots of laughs a real joy to travel with like-minded people who want to just experience everything, the 1st day of guiding is nerve racking but your day buddy soon puts you at ease and once you relax, you forget you are guiding and you just enjoy each others company.
    Gabrielle Sharman, Sighted Traveller - Sorrento, August 2018
  • I always find that I recall more about the things I experience with Traveleyes because I am describing and absorbing the sites (and sights) and not just taking photos.
    Alison Wilson, Sighted Traveller - Krakow, July 2018
  • I am a completely blind traveller who relies on my sighted guides for all my information and descriptions. Krakow is only the third holiday I have done with Traveleyes but they just seem to get it right. I have a fully sighted partner who I holiday with and also with my sighted friends but occasionally I like to get away on my own. This holiday was just brilliant and thank you, Jo, for making it so great you are a real star.
    Kerry Boyd, Blind Traveller - Krakow, July 2018
  • I would thoroughly recommend going on holiday with Traveleyes, to meet a group of like-minded, adventurous individuals, and experience together new countries or cities, whether you are sighted or visually impaired. I will definitely be going again!
    Shirley Payne, Sighted Traveller - Krakow, July 2018
  • As a sighted traveller, it started with me thinking I could help provide a service, escorting, describing, and basically being purposeful. It ended with me gaining much more than I possibly provided. Truly being one of the most unbelievable trips I have ever been on, it wasn't all about the exciting excursions and beautiful places, as spectacular as they were, but more about the beautiful and amazing people that I met along the way. Our friendships were forged immediately as we bonded, laughed, and virtually fell in love with one another. The guiding protocol was not difficult and I found myself doing what comes naturally, walking and talking with new friends. The gratitude we felt was an exchange between us all, and I was honoured to be part of something so wonderful; I have made some life long friends and look forward to future trips with Traveleyes.
    Joanne Haynes, Sighted traveller - The Azores, July 2018
  • I have travelled to Rome and Belfast and found both tours to be great value and very informative. My fellow visually impaired travellers and sighted guides have been friendly and helpful. The different food experiences have been great. I hope to travel on a Traveleyes adventure again.
    Charles Nabarrete, Blind Traveller - Northern Ireland, July 2018
  • Krakow is only the third holiday I have done with Traveleyes but they just seem to get it right. I have a fully sighted partner who I holiday with and also with my sighted friends but occasionally I like to get away on my own. This holiday was just brilliant and thank you Jo for making it so great, you are a real star!
    Kerry Boyd, Blind Traveller - Krakow, July 2018
  • I have now participated in 3 holidays provided by Traveleyes. They have all been positive and exciting experiences, allowing me as a severely sight impaired traveller to visit parts of the world I never thought I would get to.

    The social aspect of being part of a group where you can forge real friendships and often meet up again with people who have been on previous holidays that you’ve been on is a real strength of the Traveleyes experience.
    Michael Scanlan, Blind Traveller - St. Petersburg and Scandinavian Capitals, June 2018
  • Traveleyes have given me an experience I feared I could never have as a blind man. I cannot rate the company and service and concept enough. I fell in love with San Francisco, California and Yosemite national park. I was nervous that the national park would be hard for me to conceptualise because I couldn't see but I was wrong. I still got plenty out of it and found our local guide to slide easily into describing things in a way those of us who couldn't see could understand. I was sad to say goodbye to the group as the entire setup liberated me in a way I always thought lost forever since I lost my vision and we genuinely got along really well. Dan our tour guide was brilliant in every way and allowed me to get the most out of the holiday. I am telling every blind person I know to use you guys. You have no idea what you have done for me.
    Conor Smith, Blind Traveller - San Francisco & Yosemite, June 2018
  • Traveleyes is unique! A group of people who have never met very quickly become friends. We share our interest in the places we visit. I enjoy guiding and trying to describe what I see and I end up seeing more too.
    Carol May, Sighted Traveller - Greece & the Dalmatian Coast Cruise, June 2018
  • I had an amazing holiday! I would highly recommend a school trip to anyone. Both you and the students get so much out of it!
    Kimberley Jones, Blind Traveller - Tuscany 2018 - Tuscany, June 2018
  • If you are looking to travel to exciting destinations, in a well organised friendly group, look no further than Traveleyes.

    For sighted people you will find no better way of spending your holiday, it is so rewarding in many ways, I always feel I get much more out of the trips than I put into it, My face aches so much from the laughs we have, we see splendid places, meet amazing people, and I think all of us go back to our everyday lives refreshed and happy, what more could you ask for?
    Jane Atkin, Sighted Traveller - Camino de Santiago, June 2018
  • I had an unforgettable experience walking the Camino de Santiago. Walking each day through the Spanish countryside with my guide was relaxing and lots of fun. The bird life was exceptional and added a lot to my enjoyment of the walks. I am not religious in any way but, walking into the square in Santiago de Compostela accompanied by the pipes was an experience I will treasure for a long time. With a strong feeling of comradeship with my fellow travellers there was a sense of having completed a journey which left me with a tremendous sense of achievement. The feeling of warmth and companionship from the rest of the group will keep me going for a long time and I feel renewed by the whole experience.
    David Buckley, Blind Traveller - Camino de Santiago, June 2018
  • Outstanding group leader, well organised and wonderful trip. I felt safe, encouraged and was in a fabulous group of what have now become life-long friends.
    Maryse Theberge, Blind Traveller - San Francisco & Yosemite, June 2018
  • This was my first ever cruise and I really enjoyed the experience. I had never been to any of the Scandinavian countries before so this was an excellent way of experiencing them. My only negative was the food which was excellent and too readily available!!! It was also lovely to meet up with old friends on this holiday and also make new ones.
    Eileen Smith, Sighted Traveller - St. Petersburg and Scandinavian Capitals, June 2018
  • When I lost my sight I felt that my world had ended. I never thought I would ever be able to walk outside the house. Now I find myself in the main square of Santiago, standing in front of the cathedral, with tears running down my face, having just completed the final section of the Camino. Thank you for making this possible. It was a challenging week of walking, made all the better for sharing it with some lovely, caring, funny people. Right, now arrange for me to walk part of the Great Wall of China and I'll die happy!
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Camino de Santiago, June 2018
  • The Azores was my third trip with Traveleyes. Each experience has been unique as each country I have travelled to with Traveleyes

    Going on a Traveleyes trip is a nice change from what I generally do in my every day life. It's another opportunity to interact with new people and explore uncharted territories as well.

    This is a fantastic company which has provided me with great experiences in multiple different countries.
    Stephanie Sherwood, Sighted Traveller - Azores, June 2018
  • Don't think about it, just do it!
    James Mumford, Blind Traveller - Greece & the Dalmatian Coast Cruise, June 2018
  • I am officially hooked! You won’t be able to get rid of me now! Honestly, my first Traveleyes trip was a five-star experience.
    Chinenye Idigo, Blind Traveller - Bilbao, May 2018
  • I met wonderful, generous and grateful people on the two holidays that I've now been on. Would highly recommend this type of holiday if you want a holiday with fun people while also making a bit of an effort for those who cannot see.
    Greg O'Donoghue, Sighted Traveller - Marbella, May 2018
  • This was our first trip with Traveleyes and as soon as we got home we booked our second!
    David Fogg, Blind Traveller - Croatia, March 2018
  • My husband and I was travelled with Traveleyes at least 14 times in the last 11 years. Without the company we would not go to all the exciting places we have been. We have met wonderful guides and interesting fellow travellers. We have booked two more holidays this year. The staff are friendly and helpful and I would recommend the holidays to all visually impaired folks.
    Anne Howell, Blind Traveller - Marrakesh, March 2018
  • Going with Traveleyes as a sighted guide opens my mind to so many possibilities. As a solo traveller myself it is great to be with others, VI or sighted, who are literally in the same boat!

    The daily change of person to guide challenges my powers of description and often pushes me to do things I might otherwise shy away from.
    It is always fun, never boring and you make new friends on every holiday.
    Jon Elsmore, Sighted Traveller - United Arab Emirates, February 2018
  • Only my second, and another great holiday with Traveleyes. These are truly experience holidays - you get to enjoy a range of in-country experiences that you don't get with other tours that help to bring the country to life. The other great element of the experience being the people you meet - guiding and describing to your fellow travellers adds a whole new dimension to the experience - you see more as a sighted guide and sharing that with new friends is what makes the experience unique.
    Debbie Bowles, Sighted Traveller - Mexico, February 2018
  • Highly recommended for meeting new people and travelling to places one has not had the opportunity to visit before. Very good value for money with excellent Traveleyes group leaders and local tour guides.
    It is a ideal opportunity to be able to assist someone else to enjoy their holiday to the full. The Traveleyes pack is perfect to help you with the experience. Really enjoyable holidays.
    Maureen Smith, sighted traveller - Finland, December 2017
  • As someone who has never had sight, I thought it would be vision "overload", but sighted guides described very well and together with 'hands-on' experiences created a vivid and fantastic holiday.
    Maggie Bowes, Blind Traveller - Zambia, Zimbabwe & Botswana, November 2017
  • If you want to book a holiday with a difference, then look no further than Traveleyes!
    I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for a trip to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, but I needn't have worried. It turned out to be one of the best holidays that I have ever taken.
    If you want to experience a new adventure, with like minded people, and feel that you are helping others in the process, then a Traveleyes holiday could be just what you are looking for.
    Melissa Priest, sighted traveller - Zambia, Zimbabwe & Botswana, November 2017
  • If you are reading this, don't hesitate to choose your adventure and have one of the best experiences of your life!
    Cathy Mcsweeney, sighted traveller - Tandem Cruising in Holland, September 2017
  • The tandem tour of Holland was excellent. The experience was made very special by the mix of wonderful people, humor and camoradory . Some of the cycling was tough and you needed a level of experience and fitness, but the support of the group helped make it a fun experience. A trip full of interesting places, windmills that crushed mustard, the sweet smell of the fields with the last of the years flowers filling the air with scent. The heat of the kiln in the Delft factory, and the feel of the pottery moulds. The cheese tasting and noise of the machinery to make the clogs. The tour was varied and interesting. The guide and tour manager ensured we were safe and provided support throughout the experience. A week full of cycling, interesting places, friendly travelers , aching limbs, homely food and laughter. What a great experience.

    Sian Healey, blind traveller - Tandem Cruising in Holland, September 2017
  • I recently travelled to Lanzarote with Traveleyes and, after nearly a week back at home I am still feeling the benefits of this relaxing break. There are rare moments of true happiness in anyone's life but on that holiday, when I was able, with the help of my guide, able to swim freely in the sea and walk along a sandy beach which we swam to from a yacht, it doesn't get much better than that for me. I am totally blind and the holidays with Traveleyes are, firstly, about removing some of the restrictions I face in my daily life for a time, and secondly, being able to relax, knowing that I don't have to bother planning journeys, getting menus read and many other minor tasks which can add to the daily stresses of life.

    Here's to the next one.
    David Buckley, blind traveller - Lanzarote, September 2017
  • I'm a seasoned traveller and this has been perhaps one of the most rewarding and enlightening trips I have taken. The group was multicultural, diverse and got on remarkably well. The behind the scenes work provided by both Traveleyes and the local tour guides made the trip stress free and enjoyable. The following days agendas were discussed over dinner and drinks. We were advised what was/was not needed for the each day and it made the whole experience worry free and relaxing knowing that everything has already been taken care of. 5 Star Traveleyes!
    Christopher Massey, sighted traveller - Burma, September 2017
  • My first experience of a Traveleyes holiday was a joy and a privilege. Sharing a wide range of experiences with visually impaired travellers heightened my appreciation of our adventures together. Great fun, great people and I'll be back for more!
    Jean Robinson, sighted traveller - Burma, September 2017
  • Walking in the high mountains of Bulgaria was a wonderful experience, with rocks, rivers, lakes, forests and wild flowers all around us. It was a pleasure for me as a sighted person to be able to help visually impaired people enjoy this experience. There was the sound of water flowing and birds calling, the sun and wind to feel (and rain one day!), the ski lifts and the sensation of walking up and down mountain paths to enjoy. I felt we all had a lot of fun, as well as learning a little about Bulgaria, its culture and traditions and delicious food.
    Clare Meiklejohn, Sighted Traveller - Bulgaria, July 2017
  • The way Traveleyes structures its group tours brings people who may never have taken the opportunity to come together to do so.
    So if you are one who likes exotic food eaten on a beach at sunset with kites and fireworks overhead; likes meeting monkeys, sea turtles and Komodo dragons face to face; want to hike to emerald and sapphire volcanic lakes; join in with the traditional dances of the villages; barter in the local markets; swim in tropical warm seas at dusk; and relax amongst good company; then sign up!
    Rick Hoskin, Blind Traveller - Indonesia, July 2017
  • The Traveleyes holidays for me have opened new doors and have given me the chance to travel the world.
    Jane Hawthorn, Blind Traveller - Indonesia, July 2017
  • To any visually impaired traveller who has not gone on a Traveleyes holiday before and is thinking about going on a trip..... Don't worry just go ahead and book one. It will be a great experience. This holiday was a lovely break in a friendly hotel in a good location. There was no hassle, no drama, just good company, good food, a good mix of activities and time to relax in the sun. What are you waiting for?
    Steve Ewens, Blind Traveller - Mallorca, June 2017
  • The experience of travel with Traveleyes will remain with you for the rest of your life, blind or sighted.
    Laurence Jay, Sighted Traveller - Mallorca, June 2017 - Mallorca, June 2017
  • My first ever holiday with Traveleyes was incredible, I laughed and cried, met some amazing people and learned a lot about Madeira and people with sight loss. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
    Carol Pattison, Sighted Traveller - Madeira, June 2017
  • I enjoyed the trip to Texas it was a fascinating place. My greatest achievement was getting on the horse at the ranch to go horse riding with the cowboys. I enjoyed it so much I did it 3 times. The Space centre in Houston was amazing, particularly if you're into space and what made it all the more special was whilst we were at the ranch we watched the space station pass over us in the evening. I've met some amazing people on this trip and we've had a lot of fun and laughter together
    Helen Whatley, Sighted Traveller - Texas, May 2017
  • I have just returned from a trip to Thailand (April 2017). It was my first trip with Traveleyes as a sighted traveller and from the experiences I had and the memories that I will always cherish it certainly wont be my last. I laughed until I cried and also shed a few emotional tears when after giving a little assistance fellow travellers that were blind/visually impaired undertook new experiences which were on their 'wish list'. It was a truly rewarding holiday.
    The whole trip was well organised with first class accommodation and excellent excursions which provided a good overview of Thailand. A Traveleyes tour manager who travelled with us ensured it all ran seamlessly.
    If you are looking for a holiday with good company, new experiences and memories that you will cherish book with Traveleyes.
    Lyn Davies, Sighted Traveller - Thailand, April 2017
  • My husband and I are both partially sighted and have travelled with Traveleyes for over ten years going on twelve holidays. Most of them have been long hall, to South and North India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and America to name but a few. We have been privileged to travel with Amar several times and have also met some lovely people. The sights, smells, atmosphere and food of the many places we have visited will stay in my memory.

    So if you haven't been yet, what is stopping you....
    Anne Howell, Blind Traveller - Thailand, April 2017
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday, and l now know how Traveleyes adds to the whole quality of life of many who sign up! It was my privilege to participate! - it was a fantastic exhilarating holiday! Describing the scenery and historic sites and artefacts to my perceptive VI companion - who quickly became a friend - was challenging, humbling and invigorating! I shall never again take my sight for granted.
    Jane Tarver, Sighted Traveller - The Orkneys, April 2017
  • This was an amazing holiday. It was my first holiday with Travel Eyes as a sighted adventurer and has changed the way I see the world in many ways. We shared so many interesting and exciting experiences together I can't wait to start on another adventure.
    Jane Haysom, Sighted Traveller - Nepal, March 2017
  • I always enjoy travelling with Traveleyes. As a sighted traveller, guiding VIP's is an enriching experience. There is always a lovely group atmosphere, better than in other organisation I have travelled with. I have met many wonderful people and it is a great pleasure to share this experience with others.
    Dominique Simpson, Sighted Traveller - Harrogate, March 2017
  • Another wonderful trip, whenever I tell people about Traveleyes I always feel confident in telling them about the consistently good quality of the trips and the support from the Traveleyes staff.
    James Barratt, Blind Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • My first trip with Traveleyes so didn't really know what to expect. However I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. From the first meeting at the airport I found everyone was chatting away to everyone else as if they already knew one another. This continued right through the holiday. It was a lovely experience and having to help my friends who were visually impaired actually made me far more aware of what was around me. A great experience and can't wait for the next Traveleyes holiday
    Val Pelletier, Sighted Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • I enjoyed myself so much I have been busy telling all my friends about it, in the hope that they will sign up as sighted travellers, which will mean that you have even more holidays available.
    Valerie Williams, Sighted Traveller - Madrid and Toledo, March 2017
  • Traveleyes have developed a wonderful model for blind and sighted people to enjoy holidays together. AS a totally blind person I found the sighted travellers both warm and very very helpful, enriching my holiday experience with their guiding, explaining scenery and what we are walking passed as we travel around. Also I had a strong feeling that the sighted travellers also gained a lot from their experience, and at no time was I made to feel they were simply looking after me.
    I would heartily recommend these holidays for both blind and sighted travellers, try one you will be amazed!
    Colin Palgrave, Blind Traveller - Harrogate, March 2017
  • I've been experiencing the world with TravelEyes for just over 4 years. Had you told me before then that one day I'd be in touching distance of a Galapagos sea turtle or the target of a sea-lion's games, would have the opportunity to climb a centuries-old lava cliff or feel my way along an underground lava tunnel, would witness the mating noises of giant tortoises or eat breakfast and dinner in the open air of the Amazon region of Ecuador, I'd have thought you were crazy. Yet again, the combination of stunning locations and knowledgeable, interesting and adventurous fellow-travellers has given me some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.
    Mark Colman, Blind Traveller - Galapagos and The Amazon, December 2016

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