We’re no stranger to fundraising here at Traveleyes. Over the years, we’ve abseiled the dizzying heights of the Royal Armouries in Leeds and more recently we’ve had a fantastic Christmas Ball, all to raise money for causes that are close to our hearts.

To carry on that goodwill and to help charities on their paths to greatness, we’re doing a charity challenge in October this year (If you want to sign up, you can here!). We’re going to be trekking to the top of Jbel Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It’s going to be no easy task but, if you’re taking part, there’s also the mission of fundraising the cash for SeeAbility which in itself can be a daunting prospect.

How do you raise such cash? What fun things can you do? What if you don’t have much time? Luckily, we’re here to help with 5 fun ways to fundraise for your charity challenge. Which one are you going to try out?


This one is great when you don’t have much time. Simply set up a Just Giving page and people can donate when they want and they can give how much they want too. Post the link on your social media pages, ask people to donate on your birthday instead of receiving a gift, put it out there on relevant days, and without really lifting a finger you could reach your target quicker than you think!

A hand holding a house of paper with a cut out heart with the rising sun background.

Pie And Peas Night At Your Local

Have a word with your local pub, get a load of pie and mushy peas in, find a local musician with a kind heart, and put a pub quiz on. Invite all your friends, family, neighbours, their friends and family and have a fun night eating good food, having a dance and raising money at the same time! The choices are endless with this one so have fun with it and you’ll be surprised how generous people can be after a pint or two!

A group of friends enjoying music at a pie and peas night at their local bar.

A Bake Sale

Everyone loves a slice of cake, don’t they? Well why not organise a bake sale at work or at your local sports club? Everyone brings in their own cakes, cupcakes, flapjacks and hey presto, you’ve got an instant injection of cash for your fundraising! Alternatively, bake a cake every week for work, slice it up and send an email round to let everyone know there’s a fresh Victoria Sponge in the kitchen for a pound a slice – minimal effort for a regular way to fundraise.

Home made baked goodies for a bake sale on the table.

Summer Fairs

This one is a bit retro but a great way to fundraise could be to get involved with your local summer fair. Stand in the stocks – who’s going to miss the chance to pay a pound to throw water laden sponges at your face? Get pies thrown at you, cook up a BBQ, sit in a bath of baked beans – whatever you think will grab people’s attention to raise some money.

A group of friends enjoying a BBQ at a summer fair.

Dog Walking

If you have time on your hands and a local community with a few dogs, why not offer your services as a local dogwalker? Not only will it help out your fellow dog owners but you’ll also get some practice in for the walk in Morocco!

Two ladies walking a group of dogs through some woodland.

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know!