Companion Cane by Traveleyes

Instructions for Use:

Step 1) Slowly and carefully unfold the cane until the pole halves are straight. The central button will click and secure in position.

Step 2) To lengthen the poles, lift the flip locks to release the telescoping segments. Pull the segments to desired length. Push down the flip locks to fix in position.

Step 3) Each user holds a handle to walk. For added security, loop the wrist strap around your hand. If you are visually impaired, you must use this product in conjunction with your white cane.

Step 4) After use, lift the flip locks then compact the telescoping poles to their shortest length and lock. Push the central button down to release hinge and carefully fold the pole halves together.

Please Note: For users with visual impairment, you must use this device alongside your white cane. This product does not protect against illness and is not a substitute to PPE. This product does not provide any aid to injury or disability. Small pinching hazard near hinge, please fold with care.

Cleaning, Storage and Maintenance:

Use a soft cloth and soapy water to wipe the

product clean. Dry the product before storage.

Store and transport the Companion Cane in its folded shortest state. Place product inside the drawstring fabric bag for extra protection between uses. If the poles become stiff to telescope, check you have fully unlocked the flip locks and removed any debris. If skin irritation occurs stop use immediately.

Product weight: 0.33kg

Maximum extension: 1500mm

Minimum extension: 700mm

Folded dimensions: 360 x 95 x 62mm

Outdoor and indoor use.

Manufacturer: Traveleyes International, 11 St Ann’s Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2SE, UK.

Product CC01.

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Published 17.05.21