“They say age is a state of mind, but unfortunately your wallet is based in reality!”

There are some caveats to actually being young and merely acting young; the size of your wallet, and how many spare pennies you can spend on travel. As we all know, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer – so, for the discerning young traveller (in mind or body!) how can you travel far and wide without making a huge dent in your finances?

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world as a tour manager with Traveleyes despite never having more than 3 digits in my own bank account. Don’t pity me too much though, as destinations that were once a dream destination I might be able to visit ‘one-day’ have now been ticked off my list. So there’s option number one for those who want to travel whilst on a budget, become a tour manager! If a career change isn’t on the card, carry on reading to see how to stretch that budget…


Image of a Traveleyes School trip in Thailand, all posing with their hands in the air at night infront of some neon lights.

Traveleyes school trip to Thailand.



School Trips – these trips are the same price for both sighted and blind travellers and are more affordable than our standard leisure trips. All our school trips have every excursion and meal included as well, so the price on our website is pretty much all you’ll require for the trip! Furthermore, being guided by school students is great fun and a brilliant way to travel alongside enthusiastic people on a trip with a different perspective.




Image of the Traveleyes group climbing the highest mountain in North Africa, Mount Toubkal. You can see the group on a rocky path with patches of snow around.

The Traveleyes group traversing Mount Toubkal on a charity challenge.


Charity Challenges –Charity challenges are sometimes low-priced for visually impaired travellers as we may have a long list of sighted participants wishing to fundraise and embark on our challenges. Even better than this though, is to choose the fundraising option and raise money towards a good cause. Half the money you fundraise goes to charity, and the other half covers the cost of the trip. Therefore, you’re doing a great thing by fundraising money for a good cause, and then you embark on a life-changing yet oh so rewarding experience.

Just remember, fundraising is a real commitment that can take up a lot of your free time over several months. Also, challenges are physically exerting and can require training for too, but with a goal in mind, everything is achievable!



Young Traveller Trips – Young traveller trips are now a new offering that we have introduced in 2019. These trips will be similar to our standard leisure options but are tailored for the younger travellers. This means accommodation is specially picked for comfort, not high-end luxury, and the focus of the trip is to be cost-sensitive but with all the fun included! Our first young traveller trip will see us head out to Thailand this November (2019), and explore the northern beauty of Chiang Mai before heading to the outstanding island of Phuket.

Whether it’s dedicating your hard-earned money towards a short weekend break, stretching it on a longer holiday designed for a low budget full of fun, a school trip with everything included, or a challenge that you fundraise towards, there are options for the traveller with a small budget.

Whatever your option and budget, we hope to travel with you soon!

Join us on one of the upcoming school trips or charity challenges.
Athens School Trip – https://traveleyes.co/athens
Great Wall of China Charity Challenge – https://traveleyes.co/Great-Wall
Northern Ireland Charity Challenge – https://traveleyes.co/NI-Challenge