Frequently asked questions

Just in case we left you with any unanswered questions, we’ve compiled some in the list below. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us. We can tell you everything there is to know about a Traveleyes holiday.

Do you spend all of your time with your assigned partner? Button

You can expect to spend the majority of the day with your day partner (please note, pairings will change daily). However, you will also be with the rest of the group as we go about enjoying our daily excursions and evening meals. After dinner, you may wish to join some members of the group for drinks, or you can relax and unwind as you wish.

Will we have the same partner throughout the holiday? Button

No, the pairings change daily. This way you get to know everyone else in the group.

Can I bring a friend? Button

Yes – you are welcome to join us with a friend, partner or relative. If that person is sighted, they’ll benefit from our sighted traveller discount too!

Will there be training provided? Button

Yes – Before each holiday, we send our sighted travellers a traveller information pack. This covers some basic steps on how to guide, though no particular skills/fitness levels are required. Practical training will be given to the group at the beginning of the holiday.

What benefits are there to a sighted person? Button

There are many! See our sighted travellers section.

What are the benefits for a blind person Button

World travel has never been so easy for a blind person. See our blind travellers section for more information.

Will all of the activities be suitable for blind travellers? Button

Yes – holiday suitability is checked with reference to the type of activities, level of activities, and vision impairment.

How do I register? Button

You can register with Traveleyes online. Click here to complete our quick and easy registration form. It only takes two ticks.

What if I need to cancel my holiday? Button

For details on our cancellation policy, please see our Terms and Booking Conditions.

Can you advise us on travel to and from the airport? Button

Yes – we will endeavour to help with any travel information/hotel accommodation needed.

Can a blind person bring a guide dog? Button

We discourage travellers from bringing a guide dog on our holidays. The way our holidays are structured means that each visually impaired traveller has a sighted guide partner for the duration of the holiday, therefore bringing a guide dog isn’t necessary and would hinder your ability to take part in the full Traveleyes experience. Other members of the group may have allergies or other concerns relating to dogs and so we ask you to be considerate of their wishes too. 

Can Traveleyes recommend a travel insurance provider? Button

Yes. We can provide these details during the booking process.

How do optional excursions work? Button

Some of our trips have optional excursions that you can book on to for a supplement. These can be added to your trip during the booking process either online or over the phone. They can also be added after you have made your booking through your online account or over the phone with us. If they are booked over the phone with the office after the holiday booking has been made, a £5 admin fee will be added on to your booking.

Please note, optional excursions are subject to a minimum number of participants and must be booked and paid for 12 weeks prior to departure.

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If you have any further questions about how our holidays work, please contact us.