Welcome to Greece

Journey to Greece and explore the wonders of Athens and the Peloponnese. This long weekend trip to Athens will be an epic discovery of Ancient Greek history, stretching back over 3000 years ago, we’ll uncover the legends of Agamemnon Palace at Mycenae where he famously set out against Troy, to the architectural and cultural achievements of Classical Greece at right through to the cool modern era of the sprawling metropolis that is present-day Athens.

Along the way, we’ll experience the perfect acoustic of Epidaurus Theatre where you can clearly hear a pin drop on the stage from the highest seat in the house, scale the Acropolis of Athens, home to the remarkable Parthenon and uncover the secrets of the oracles of Delphi on the mighty slopes of Mount Parnassus. With all meals included, we’ll also enjoy every opportunity to sample delicious traditional Greek food.

This trip to Athens is a school trip where the sighted guides will be students from Frensham Heights, Surrey. Following the overwhelming success of our school trips, we are proud to announce this new tour of Athens, open to vision impaired and sighted travellers who will be accompanied by our school students. Our vision impaired customers will enjoy the holiday at the same discounted price that’s paid by the sighted travellers. Sighted travellers will have a lighter than usual guiding role on this trip since most of the guiding will be done by our students.

Tour Highlights

  • Follow the Sacred Way to the Oracle of Delphi
  • Explore the palace and tombs of Mycenae, home of Agamemnon
  • Listen to perfect acoustics at Epidaurus Theatre
  • Discover the Parthenon on Athens Acropolis
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  • Dates & Prices

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    February 15 - February 18, 2020 (4 days)

    Standard Blind Price: £749 Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: £749 Contact us for availability

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    Standard Blind Price: 599 GBP Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: 599 GBP Contact us for availability

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    Korinth Kanal - bright blue waters run between steep cliff edges
  • Ruins of a theatre in Epidaurus

    What's Included

    • Flights and transfers from the UK (UK prices only, hold luggage not included)
    • 3 nights' accommodation at Doric Inn in Athens
    • All breakfasts
    • 3 lunches
    • 3 dinners
    • Specified excursions
    • Services of local guides
    • Services of a Traveleyes tour manager
  • Excursions

    • Oracle of Delphi tour
    • Epidaurus, Mycenae & Corinth Canal tour
    • Athens Acropolis & Acropolis Museum tour
    A greek temple at the base of a mountain range

Below is the itinerary for the holiday. Please click each day for more information.

Saturday 15th February

Upon arrival in Athens we’ll meet our transfer and journey into the city.

Once we’ve checked into our hotel in Athens which we’ll use as our base for the next few days we’ll have time to unpack, get settled and relax.

This evening, we’ll reconvene for dinner in the hotel.

Dinner included. Overnight in Athens.

Sunday 16th February

Our excursion today takes us to a site of extreme importance for the ancient world, Delphi, a place believed to be the physical and spiritual centre of the earth.  For centuries, people would travel to the slopes of Mount Parnassus to visit Delphi’s Shrine of Apollo, where the most respected oracle of antiquity resided.  The responses visitors received from the god stirred even the most prestigious Ancient Athenians. These were given by the inspired priestess Pythia and were interpreted a throng of priests.

Delphi grew tremendously wealthy with offerings and though the ruins have almost disappeared now, you can admire them and try to picture the sanctuary as it was during its 1,000 years zenith. We’ll walk the sacred way, visiting the treasuries, the place of offerings, the Grand Temple of Apollo and the theatre, with its splendid acoustics.

Following this, return to Athens for dinner together.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Monday 17th February

Today we’ll leave Athens for a full day excursion to Greece’s Peloponnesian region. First we’ll cross the Isthmus of Corinth that separates the Peloponnese from the rest of Greece and stop for photos and descriptions of the incredible canal that has been dug, now lining the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Despite a few attempts in antiquity, the marvellous canal that ships sail through today was constructed by the newly independent Greek State in 1893.

Following this, we’ll continue driving through the Argos Plain towards Ancient Mycenae, home of the mythical King Agamemnon. Centuries before the Golden Age of Classical Greece, Mycenae was the most powerful kingdom in Greece and features in Homer’s Iliad and the Trojan War. We’ll marvel at the sheer size of the Cyclopean Walls that, at 13 metres high and 7 metres thick, will make you wonder how this 3000-year-old civilisation constructed it out of monumental pieces of stone that weighted as much as 6 tonnes. It’s no surprise that legend states Perseus, the founder of the kingdom, had to enlist the help of a giant Cyclops to help build them. We’ll also spend time in a colossal beehive tomb and the archaeological site’s museum that contains a replica of the Golden Mask of Agamemnon.

We’ll then stop for lunch in a typical Greek taverna before journeying to Epidaurus. One of Greece’s most ancient sites, Epidaurus is famed for its astonishing theatre. Still used for special performances today, the theatre is in an admirable state of preservation. Built into the ground, rather than above it, the theatre is known for its fantastic acoustics, which we will observe during our visit. After describing the theatre to your partner, we’ll sit in on the well-worn seats and see if we can hear the sound of a pin drop in the centre of the stage, testing the legendary theory that even the quietest sound can be heard in the highest seats.

We’ll then return to Athens in time for dinner.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Tuesday 18th February

Today we’ll begin exploring the city that gave us Western civilisation as we know it, Athens. We’ll begin by heading to the commanding Acropolis, a hill topped by well-preserved temples and monuments built by the Ancient Athenian Greeks.

As we scale this famous plateau, the towering pillars and temples of the complex will occasionally provide shade upon the weathered marble paths. The site has been inhabited for over 5000 years, with temples on the site taking many forms, beginning with statues and gods inspired by nature, before the sophisticated Greeks developed their humanoid pantheon of gods. The famous Parthenon we’ll explore today was constructed by the finest craftsmen of the day in 447BC and dedicated to the goddess of Athena, the namesake of Athens itself.

We’ll take our time during our guided tour to describe the Propylaia (monumental gateway), the Erectheion with its beautiful Karayatid Porch and the Temple of Athena Nike (Winged Victory) to our visually impaired partners, slowly bringing the historical site to life in their imagination. We’ll also embrace any opportunity we have to touch parts of the archaeological site that we’re allowed to feel. Throughout this special tour, we’ll learn how to experience our surroundings not with just our sight, but with all our senses.

Following our visit to the Acropolis we’ll have lunch before walking a short distance to the Acropolis Museum. This modern marvel is located in the dramatic Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis and ascends floors of glass that literally ‘float’ you above the excavations for an extraordinary perspective of the layers of Greek history that lie below. As we explore the museum, we’ll uncover priceless artefacts from Ancient times to describe to our visually impaired partners, including some of the original Parthenon Marbles.

Following our tour of the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum we’ll transfer to the airport for our journey home.

Breakfast and lunch included.

Single Supplement: £160

As this trip involves a lot of exploration around Athens and various archaeological sites please expect to be on your feet for much of this trip. Some sections of our tours will include walking on uneven ground and on steep hills.

All students will be English speaking.

Visas are not required for British passport holders visiting Greece.