Welcome to Greece

Journey to Greece and explore truly breathtaking ancient wonders from the north of Greece’s Macedonian region all the way through the Grecian interior and culminating in the shining Metropolis of Athens. Our adventure begins in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city and one of the most important cities of both the Roman and Byzantine Empires where we’ll venture to a tomb in Vergina piled full of golden treasures that once belonged to Alexander the Great’s father, Philip. Once we’ve uncovered the glory of Alexander’s mighty Macedonian Empire and Thessaloniki’s rich Byzantine heritage, we’ll journey south to one of Greece’s most intriguing destinations, Meteora.

The extraordinary rock formations of the Meteora region are unmissable in their own right before you even consider the Byzantine monasteries that crown some of the slender stone pinnacles rising towards the heavens. You may also recognise the region from the famous Bond film, For Your Eyes Only (1981), where a daring James Bond has to shimmy up sheer cliff-faces to get to the villain’s lair, which is actually the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

Our Greek odyssey then continues to Delphi, where oracles once gave prophecies to ancient kings in what was considered the naval of the Earth before we conclude in Athens. Once here, we’ll scale the Athenian Acropolis to marvel at the Parthenon before exploring the Acropolis Museum and other highlights of Greece’s capital city before flying home. If you have wanted to explore Meteora or unearth Greece’s marvellous historical treasures then this all-inclusive tour promises to deliver.

This trip to Greece is a school trip where the sighted guides will be Grade 12 students from the International School of London (ISL). Following the overwhelming success of our trips to Morocco, Romania and Tuscany with ISL, we are proud to announce this epic new tour of Greece, open to vision impaired and sighted travellers who will be accompanied by our International School students. Our vision impaired customers will enjoy the holiday at the same discounted price that’s paid by the sighted travellers. Sighted travellers will have a lighter than usual guiding role on this trip since most of the guiding will be done by our students.

Tour Highlights

  • Uncover the delights of Thessaloniki
  • Discover the treasures of Alexander the Great's Father in Vergina
  • Explore Meteora's breathtakingly beautiful monasteries
  • Visit the site where the oracles of Delphi once prophesised
  • Scale Athens Acropolis and seek out the Parthenon Marbles
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  • Dates & Prices

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    September 9 - September 16, 2019 (8 days)

    Standard Blind Price: £1199 Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: £1199 Contact us for availability

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    Standard Blind Price: 949 GBP Contact us for availability

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    The Acropolis of Athens, Greece, with the Parthenon Temple on top of the hill during a summer sunset
  • Athina Pronaia temple in Ancient Delphi

    What's Included

    • Flights and transfers from the UK (UK prices only)
    • Outbound flight from London Gatwick
    • Inbound flight returns to London Heathrow
    • 4 nights hotel accommodation at Metropolis Hotel in Thessaloniki
    • 1 night hotel accommodation at Liknon Hotel in Meteora
    • 2 nights hotel accommodation at Hotel Polis Grand in Athens
    • All breakfasts
    • 8 lunches & 7 dinners
    • Specified excursions
    • Services of local guides
    • Services of a Traveleyes tour manager
  • Excursions

    • Byzantine Thessaloniki Tour
    • Vergina & Pella Tour
    • Ancient & Modern Thessaloniki Tour
    • Meteora Monasteries Tour
    • Ancient Delphi Tour
    • Athens Acropolis & Acropolis Museum Tour
    • Athens City Tour
    Meteora monasteries in Greece

Below is the itinerary for the holiday. Please click each day for more information.

Monday 9th September

Today our Greek adventure will begin at our departure meeting point at London Gatwick Airport. Our flight departs early so we shall meet at 3.30am. Please note that our inbound flight from Athens will return to London Heathrow Airport.

We’ll board our flight to Thessaloniki, a delightful city on the Aegean Coast in the Central Macedonia region of northern Greece. Upon arrival we’ll enjoy our first lunch together and check into our hotel in Thessaloniki which we’ll use as our base for the next few days. We’ll have time to unpack, get settled and relax. We’ll head out later for some exploration and to find our bearings before having dinner together.

Lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Tuesday 10th September

Today we’ll begin our exploration of Thessaloniki, also referred to as Thessalonica. Byzantine emperors held Thessaloniki second only in importance to Constantinople and today the city is an open-air museum with Christian monuments dating from the 4th to the 21st century. Thessaloniki became part of the Byzantine Empire in 395AD and was one of the first bases for the spread of Christianity. We’ll visit the 15th century White Tower that has become a symbol of the city alongside a huge statue of Alexander the Great, the region’s beloved historical figure.

We’ll continue to the Byzantine Museum for an absorbing look at Byzantine and post-Byzantine culture. We’ll learn how art and theology intertwined with politics and the social structure of this fascinating region. We’ll also visit Agis Dimitrios, a 5th century basilica that was devasted in the 1917 fire that destroyed half the city. The church was rebuilt and inside are some of the finest mosaics in Greece, including depictions of St Dimitrios. From here, we’ll walk to the palace of the Emperor Galerius and the 4th– century Rotunda which is also his mausoleum. The climax is a visit to the 8th century Agia Sofia, patterned on Justinian’s Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, its giant dome a symbol of technical mastery and the mosaics inside are a work of Byzantine art.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Wednesday 11th September

Today we’ll journey to the burial site of Macedonia’s kings, including the father and son of Alexander the Great. The Royal Tombs of Vergina are held to be among antiquity’s greatest treasures. Your archaeological adventure starts with a drive to nearby Vergina, once known as Aegae, the first capital of Macedonia. Today this small village is renowned for its remarkable temple complex, only opened to the public since 1993.

We’ll visit the exact spot where the monumental palace was brought to light. See the newly constructed exhibit bearing the tombs and the findings of all three tombs including Alexander’s father, Philip II, who was assassinated, and also his son, Alexander IV, who was poisoned at 14. For centuries the tombs lay hidden under debris and local children played ball on the tumulus, as the grave mound is called, unaware of what was underneath their feet. The story of the tombs’ discovery by Manolis Andronikos, on the final day of excavation, is a cliff-hanger tale in itself.

Visit the unique museum and walk down a white sandstone ramp that descends partially underground beneath a huge dome that simulating the look of the original mound. You’ll now bear witness to the marvellous treasures found in Phillip’s magnificent solid gold casket. All are masterpieces of Ancient Greek art dating back to the 4th century BC. Admire the golden laurel wreaths, silver vessels and miniature sculpture, as well as paintings. Of special note are Phillip’s crown, armour and shield.

Following a typical Greek lunch we’ll visit the ancient city of Pella, best known as the historical capital of the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and birthplace of Alexander the Great. The archaeological site provides a great idea of how ancient cities were laid out in the time of Alexander and will give you plenty to describe. We’ll then return to Thessaloniki for dinner.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Thursday 12th September

This morning we’ll spend more time exploring Thessaloniki with a visit to the Archaeological Museum, home to a wealth of gold jewellery, part of the celebrated finds from the Hellenistic tombs at Derveni, discovered by chance in 1961.

This afternoon we’ll enjoy some free time in the city centre so you can explore the markets, shops and attractive boulevards of this coastal city with time to buy souvenirs, ice cream or famous gyros.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Friday 13th September

Set out from Thessaloniki this morning and journey south to the mesmerizingly beautiful region of Meteora. Perhaps the highlight of any trip to Greece is the sight of the Byzantine monasteries built atop the rock towers of Meteora. The very word means ‘suspended in air’ and their effect is unforgettable. These sandstone columns soar up over a thousand feet above sea level and are crowned with monasteries built by anchorite monks from the 11th century onward. In all, there are twenty-four monasteries in Meteora, and while many have fallen into ruin, some of those that remain are adorned with beautiful frescoes which mark a key stage in post-Byzantine art. Originally visitors were winched up to the monasteries by a windlass, but stairs were cut in the 1930s to ease access!

The rock formations will unfold along a winding road as we approach the Peneus River Six of the monasteries are still inhabited and two are nunneries. We’ll explore a couple of the monasteries that are open and take time to learn about the fabled frescoes that include an apocalyptic vision of hell.

Following our visit, we’ll settle into our hotel for the night in the nearby town of Kalambaka.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Thessaloniki.

Saturday 14th September

Our excursion today takes us to a site of extreme importance for the ancient world, Delphi, a place believed to be the physical and spiritual centre of the earth.  For centuries, people would travel to the slopes of Mount Parnassus to visit Delphi’s Shrine of Apollo, where the most respected oracle of antiquity resided.  The responses visitors received from the god stirred even the most prestigious Ancient Athenians. These were given by the inspired priestess Pythia and were interpreted a throng of priests.

Delphi grew tremendously wealthy with offerings and though the ruins have almost disappeared now, you can admire them and try to picture the sanctuary as it was during its 1,000 years zenith. We’ll walk the sacred way, visiting the treasuries, the place of offerings, the Grand Temple of Apollo and the theatre, with its splendid acoustics.

Following this, our journey continues south to the capital of Greece, Athens, where we’ll tuck into dinner together and settle into our final hotel.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Kalambaka.

Sunday 15th September

Today we’ll begin exploring the city that gave us Western civilisation as we know it, Athens. We’ll begin by heading to the commanding Acropolis, a hill topped by well-preserved temples and monuments built by the Ancient Athenian Greeks.

As we scale this famous plateau, the towering pillars and temples of the complex will occasionally provide shade upon the weathered marble paths. The site has been inhabited for over 5000 years, with temples on the site taking many forms, beginning with statues and gods inspired by nature, before the sophisticated Greeks developed their humanoid pantheon of gods. The famous Parthenon we’ll explore today was constructed by the finest craftsmen of the day in 447BC and dedicated to the goddess of Athena, the namesake of Athens itself.

We’ll take our time during our guided tour to appreciate the Propylaia (monumental gateway), the Erectheion with its beautiful Karayatid Porch and the Temple of Athena Nike (Winged Victory). We’ll also embrace any opportunity we have to touch parts of the archaeological site that we’re allowed to feel.

Following our visit to the Acropolis we’ll have lunch before walking a short distance to the Acropolis Museum. This modern marvel is located in the dramatic Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis and ascends floors of glass that literally ‘float’ you above the excavations for an extraordinary perspective of the layers of Greek history that lie below. As we explore the museum, we’ll uncover priceless artefacts from Ancient times including some of the original Parthenon Marbles.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight in Athens.

Monday 16th September

Today is our final day in Athens so we’ll transfer to the airport for our flight home.

Breakfast included.