Welcome to Guatemala

Step into a world of discovery and culture on Traveleyes’ first adventure to Guatemala. Situated at the very base of Central America, Guatemala is a melting pot of culture and heritage; a rare combination of dense undiscovered jungle and iridescent waters. Immerse yourself into the laid-back culture, influenced by its neighbouring countries. Transport yourself back in time as we explore the Mayan ruins and marvel at the spectacular structures that are a stark contrast to modern times. As we make our way across this captivating country, note the influence of Spanish Latin America and the splendour of the intricate architecture they left behind. Guatemala is a country full of tradition and colour; note the brightly coloured yarn clothing worn by the locals, each colour is said to be a link to their village and their descent. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime, where we discover the unspoilt treasures of Mayan history, thick green wilderness atop sky scraping mountains and most importantly, the geniality and pride of those who inhabitant these sensational lands.

Tour Highlights

  • Uncover the secrets of ancient Mayan Civilisations at Iximche
  • Experience the vast and magnificent beauty of Atitlan Nature Reserve
  • Taste Guatemala’s finest coffee and discover the process behind the delicacy
  • Immerse yourself in the countries vibrant history as we tour the ancient capital of Antigua
  • Visit a traditional market and discover the vibrant woven clothing native to this country
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  • Dates & Prices

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    January 13 - January 23, 2019 (11 days)

    Standard Blind Price: £2399 Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: £1899 Contact us for availability

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    Standard Blind Price: 1769 GBP Contact us for availability

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    Colorful maya cemetery by Chichicastenango in Guatemala
  • Maya woman on market in chichicastenango - Guatemala

    What's Included

    • Flights and transfers from the UK (UK prices only)
    • 2 nights hotel accommodation Biltmore Hotel in Guatemala City
    • 3 nights hotel accommodation at Hotel Atitlan in Lake Atitlan
    • 4 nights accommodation at Hotel Eterna Primavera in Antigua
    • All breakfasts
    • Specified excursions
    • Services of local guides
    • Services of a Traveleyes tour manager
  • Excursions

    • Guided tour of Guatemala city
    • Visit to Iximche archaeological site
    • Visit San Antonio and experience traditional weaving
    • Stroll across scenic lands and kayak across the Lake
    • Pick an activity at Atitlan Nature Reserve (see day 5)
    • Visit to Solola Market
    • Walking tour of Antigua
    • Chocolate making experience
    • Visit and tasting at traditional coffee farm
    • Weaving and tortilla making experience
    Sunset across a still, blue lake

Below is the itinerary for the holiday. Please click each day for more information.

Sunday 13th January

Today we shall depart for our flight to Guatemala and our travels begin! Upon arrival into Guatemala, we will then transfer to our hotel and settle in for the night.

Overnight in Guatemala City.

Monday 14th January

Today we begin our discovery of Guatemala on a half day city tour, here we will take a drive along the Avenida Las Americas and La Reforma avenue, the two most renowned streets in the city. Our tour will take us by several of the city’s most significant sights such as the Supreme Court of Justice and the City Hall. We shall then make our way to Zone 1, the city’s historic district, which houses several ancient and grand buildings, awash with colour and culture. Guatemala City is incomparable to the rest of Guatemala, filled with busy bustling streets and engulfed by skyscrapers; no trip to this country can be counted as complete without experiencing the energetic and fast paced life in the city.

This afternoon is yours, feel free to explore more of this vibrant city or return to the hotel to recuperate and rest for the coming days.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Guatemala City.

Tuesday 15th January

Today we transfer from the city to visit an ancient Mayan ruin, the city of Iximche, which literally translates to “Maize tree”. Iximche is a post classic site and became the capital of Guatemala in 1524 after Spanish conquerors established control and was declared a national monument 50 years ago due to its importance in history. These ancient ruins are made up of four plazas, each with their own temples and Mayan rituals can still be observed around the site. We will spend some time exploring this important archaeological site and gaining more insight into the fascinating story of the Mayans.

Here will we discover Mayan rituals and learn about the ancient civilisations that once resided here. During this tour, take in the impressive feat of architecture which is a stark contrast to the modern buildings we have become accustomed to and its surrounding scenery of pine trees and hilltops.  The combination of imposing architecture and awe inducing scenery makes this ancient site an unforgettable stop. Following on from this we will make our way to Lake Atitlan where we will stop for the night.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Lake Atitlan.

Wednesday 16th January

Today we head out onto the water, to experience the majesty and beauty of Lake Atitlan. The lake is home to hundreds of indigenous species, luscious and vivid flowers and twinkling azure waters. Our tour will take us across the lake to San Juan La Laguna, a serene pueblo filled with pride and tradition.  Here reside the Tz’utujiil inhabitants, known for their delicate crafts and traditional practices. Home to brightly coloured textiles and intricate weavings, this town is full of vibrancy and life, giving an insight into the ancient culture of Guatemala. Once we have had ample time in this delightful village, we will begin our walk to Santa Cruz. During this walk we will have the opportunity to see more of the wondrous beauty found at every twist and turn. Upon arrival at Santa Cruz, you will have the opportunity to participate at kayaking on the lake, or if you prefer, take some time to relax after our busy morning. This afternoon is time at leisure.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Lake Atitlan.

Thursday 17th January

Today we visit the nature reserve in Atitlan, home to verdant nature trails and indigenous animals such as the spider monkey.  The nature reserve plays a key role in the environmental movement and protection of the lake, hoping to preserve this natural wonder for future generations to enjoy. Here we will have 3 different activities to choose from.

1) If you are feeling adventurous, try your hand at an exhilarating experience: zip lining across the picturesque valley. Feel the rush of air as you fly through the valley, taking in rushing waterfalls, jaw dropping canyons and lush green forests. Optionally, you can make the leap to the cable X Ultra and experience the longest cable wire over the lake. Facing the volcanoes, you will soar towards the imposing rocky faces of the mountains as you fly over the various villages surrounding the lake. This option is not one to be missed if you want to experience Guatemala from a height, to take in the fresh air as you glide through the sky and gain a completely unique perspective of the valley.

2) Alternatively, embark on one of the many trails to be found around the reserve. Journey through the lush and verdant forests, home to monkeys, coatis and birds. Get up close and personal with these beautiful local animals by feeding them with fruits provided at the reserve. As you make your way through the reserve, take in the gentle aroma from the coffee grove, observe nature at its finest and cross over immense valleys on spectacular hanging bridges.

3) Your final option for the day takes you to the reserves Geo-Dome, aptly known as “the butterfly dome”. A first of its kind in Guatemala, it is home to over 1000 butterflies spanning across 12 different species. The dome was built to rectify the startling decrease in butterflies found in the wild, as diverse plant life began to decline, so did the butterflies eco system. The dome is a vastly impressive piece of ecological architecture, created out of micro-pore membranes to prevent the intrusion of any predators. Visit the dome to gain a greater understanding our of planet’s fragile ecosystems and see the work that goes into protecting it, but also to marvel at the exquisite beauty of butterflies, their tantalising colours and the delicate flutter of their wings.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Lake Atitlan.

Friday 18th January

Today we make our way from Atitlan to Antigua, making a stop along the way at Solola Market. Here we can experience a true Guatemalan market, not stuffed with tourist trinkets but instead here you will find traditional clothing, local food and intricately made crafts. The market is alight with vibrant flowers, patterned textiles and tantalising aromas from local delicacies. We will have a guided tour around the market, learning about the various crafts and stalls dotted around the square. Following on from this, we will continue our journey towards Antigua where we will spend the night.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Antigua.

Saturday 19th January

This morning we shall enjoy a guided walking tour of Antigua, the ancient capital of Guatemala. A city filled with splendid colour and vibrant buildings, Antigua is the definition of postcard pretty. As we amble through the cobblestoned streets, note the Spanish influences dotted around the city, reflected in the colonial mansions and churches. We will make our way through Antigua and see the relics left behind from the devastating earthquakes endured hundreds of years ago, with a plethora of archaic ruins spread across the city. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a fascinating and varied history, with stories on every corner and a sense of overwhelming pride beaming out from each and every native.

Following on from our tour, we will make our way to the Choco museum, in which we’ll take part in a chocolate making workshop. Here we shall learn about the process of making chocolate and then get to try our hand at this skill. With over 15 different tempting flavours to choose from you’ll be stuck for choice!

The rest of the day is yours at leisure.

Breakfast included. Overnight in Antigua.

Sunday 20th January

Today we travel outside of the city to Finca Filadelfia to enjoy a guided tour of a working coffee farm. Coffee production plays an integral role in Guatemala’s economy and is one of the largest contributors to coffee distribution around the globe. Antigua in particular is known for its coffee beans, rich in volcanic soils, minerals and the perfect temperatures make for the most delectable blends. Here we will learn about the work gone into the farm over the past 130 years, from the wet milling process to drying patios. We will have the opportunity to sample one of the many sumptuous roasts and discover why this coffee is argued to be the most delicious in the world! We will go on to discover the final stages of production from roasting, to packaging and leave with an understanding of the intricate and precise work that goes into your cup of joe! Upon arrival back into Antigua, you may wish to spend some time relaxing in the hotel or choose to venture out to explore more of this fascinating city!

Breakfast included. Overnight in Antigua.

Monday 21st January

We will begin our day’s activities by heading to Cerro de la Cruz, a famous looking point in Guatemala, known for its captivating views of Antigua and its surrounding beauty. We shall then continue to San Antonio Aguas Calientes, known across Guatemala for its unique textiles. Here we shall discover all there is to know about the intricate work and skill behind weaving, and also witness an expert presentation with traditional Mayan textiles. Following on from this, we will then be taught how to make tortillas, a staple of many Guatemalan meals. Later on we will return to the hotel and the rest of the day is yours!


Breakfast included. Overnight in Antigua.

Tuesday 22nd January

Today we will make our way back to the airport in Guatemala city and begin our travels back to the UK.

Breakfast included.


Wednesday 23rd January

Today we arrive back into the United Kingdom and bid farewell to our latest travel companions, for now!

Single Supplement – £399

Visa Information:

1-British citizens don’t need a visa to visit Guatemala for up to 90 days.

2- Our flight transfers through Atlanta airport, USA. For these reasons each traveller will need to acquire an  Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) through the Visa Waiver Programme. This can be done online in a matter of minutes.