Welcome to Swaziland

Our Swaziland safari trip has become a firm Traveleyes favourite in recent years and we’re excited to return to this fascinating country located deep in the heart of Southern Africa. Once again, our tailor-made sensory itinerary will be guided by an expert safari guide.

A visit to the Kingdom of Swaziland is known for encapsulating the very best that Africa can offer. By foot, horseback and Jeep, we have every possibility of coming face to face with the ‘big five’ of the wildlife world. Hear the loud roar of a lion, feel baked African beneath your feet and enjoy the thrill of being in a safari jeep in search of elephants and rhino. On our safari walk, we’ll handle wooden models of typical African animals that are covered in authentic hides and contain information in Braille.

Not only will we come face to face with some of nature’s most enchanting wildlife we’ll get the chance to meet local Swazi people and gain a fascinating insight into their traditional culture and inspiring way of life. We’ll enjoy an authentic visit to a local homestead and may have the opportunity to visit other establishments such as orphanages or churches with our guide if appropriate and the tour permits. Furthermore, we will stay in a collection of unique accommodations: a colonial-era lodge in Mbabane, small beehive huts called rondavels in Mlilwane and cosy bungalows in Hlane where your only distraction will be the bright starlit sky and twilight noises from the animal kingdom.

If you want a taste of what a Traveleyes adventure to Swaziland is like, why not check out a vlog by Fiona, one of our first time sighted guides, on her experiences on our last Swazi adventure! Check it out in the last section of the itinerary.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover Swaziland's astonishing wildlife on our game drives
  • Ride on horseback through truly exquisite African bush land
  • Interact with the local Swazi people through song and dance
  • Enjoy a multi-sensory walking safari through wildlife paradise
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  • Dates & Prices

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    April 1 - April 11, 2019 (11 days)

    Standard Blind Price: £3199 Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: £2199 Contact us for availability

    The prices shown below are for non-UK travellers and do not include return flights and transfers. If you are travelling from within the UK, please .

    Standard Blind Price: 2699 GBP Contact us for availability

    Discounted Sighted Price: 1699 GBP Contact us for availability

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    A child dressed in traditional Swazi clothing with deep concentration on his face performing a dance routine with a pole
  • Beehive huts under a bright starlit sky in Mlilwane

    What's Included

    • Flights and transfers from the UK (UK prices only)
    • 3 nights accommodation in the Foresters Arms Hotel at Mbabane
    • 3 nights accommodation in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary at Mlilwane
    • 2 nights accommodation in Ndlovu Camp at Hlane
    • 1 night accommodation in City Lodge Hotel at Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg
    • All breakfasts
    • 2 lunches
    • All dinners
    • Specified excursions
    • Services of local guides
    • Services of a Traveleyes tour manager
  • Excursions

    • Boat cruise across Maguga Dam
    • Tour of a local homestead
    • Nature walk
    • Horse riding through the wildlife reserve
    • Candle making and basket-weaving experience
    • Mlilwane game drive
    • Mahlindza Waterhole & walking safari
    • Hlane game drive
    group shot of Traveleyes around a landrover at Hlane

Below is the itinerary for the holiday. Please click each day for more information.

Monday 1st April

Today we embark on our African adventure.

Tuesday 2nd April

Upon arrival in Johannesburg we transfer across the border into the magnificent Kingdom of Swaziland. If time permits, this afternoon you may wish to take a stroll through the eucalyptus forest that surrounds the lodge. We’ll then rendezvous for dinner this evening where we can begin to learn about Swaziland’s multitude of flora and fauna and unique culture with our guide. Dinner will consist of multiple small dishes that have been lovingly made from local produce – a real treat for the senses!

Dinner included. Overnight in Mbabane.

Wednesday 3rd April

We’ll be taking a tranquil boat trip across Maguga Dam, relaxing to the sights and sounds of abundant birdlife in a panoply of delightfully unfamiliar sounds. Following this, for lunch we’ll tuck into a traditional Shisa Nyama meal, more familiarly known as a barbecue.

We also have the chance to go to a local village and have a tour around a traditional homestead made of mud and sticks to listen to fables and discuss ways of life. The tightknit family who live in this homestead are not visited by tourists and still live off the land using traditional farming methods and celebrate a culture that has barely changed in centuries.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner included. Overnight in Mbabane.

Thursday 4th April

Today we shall enjoy our morning walking in Malolotja Reserve, learning about the highveld flora and fauna. We’ll walk amongst the game and learn tracking techniques. Following this, we shall visit the Ngwenya glass factory where we will find out how this Swazi venture started. Time will be provided here to explore the local shops to browse local souvenirs.

Breakfast & dinner included. Overnight in Mbabane.

Friday 5th April

This morning our adventure leaves Mbabane behind and continues to Mlilwane. We shall visit local craft markets to see how Swazi candles are made and to learn the story behind this ingenious community-operated venture. After lunch we’ll visit a nearby basket-weaving workshop where senses will be sharpened by the richness of colour, the smell of signature lutindzi grass and the enchanting sing-song voices of the Swazi women as they prepare orders to be shipped to all parts of the world.

Breakfast & dinner included. Overnight in Mlilwane.

Saturday 6th April

In the morning we shall embark on a nature walk to feel the environment and hear the calls of the nearby animals such as zebra, wildebeest, hippo and a host of birds. We’ll then visit a nearby chief who resides at a traditional homestead.
This afternoon will be time for a safari, focusing upon the conservation in Mlilwane and the reintroduction of species into Swaziland.

Breakfast & dinner included. Overnight in Mlilwane.

Sunday 7th April

This morning there’s an opportunity for a close encounter with a wide cross-section of indigenous game by horseback. After grooming and saddling our own horses, we’ll embark on a trail which leads us on a voyage of discovery through this stunning nature reserve, a journey which will include the unforgettable experience of riding through herds of zebra. In the afternoon there’ll be more wildlife experiences in Mlilwane on our equally revealing guided walking safari along trails through the long grass and around vibrant watering holes.

Breakfast & dinner included. Overnight in Mlilwane.

Monday 8th April

Today we’ll venture to Hlane Royal National Park, home to the largest herds of game in the entire Kingdom. Our accommodation will be located next to a waterhole which the local wildlife frequent. On our way to this African wildlife haven, we’ll be stopping off at a local blind school to interact with staff and pupils, which promises to be a most moving cultural exchange.

We’ll arrive in Hlane in time for lunch with time in the afternoon to explore the area before ending the day with a sunset safari.

Breakfast & dinner included. Overnight in Hlane.

Tuesday 9th April

Today will be a free day. For those who wish to, there’ll be an opportunity to learn more facts about local wild animals, including the chance to feel their skulls! There’ll also be an illuminating talk about Swaziland’s conservation programme and a chance to learn ‘hands-on’ how the snares used by illegal poachers perform their destructive work and how the anti-poaching team work tirelessly to combat this scourge.

Also recommended is a relaxing excursion to the Mahlindza Waterhole where a bird hide overlooks the stretch of water where enormous herds of impala and other ungulates congregate. This safari will take us extremely close to living, breathing examples of the finest big game. As we walk through the trails, there will be information points where wooden carvings of animals covered in fur and hides will be found. The information on the animals is in braille and can be read and shared with the group.

Breakfast & dinner included. Overnight in Hlane.

Wednesday 10th April

There’s an opportunity today to make a special visit to the Sangoma, a very powerful person in Swazi culture who is believed to possess miraculous healing powers and to be able to foretell the future.

We will enjoy a traditional lunch together before journeying to the South Africa border and driving back to Johannesburg where we shall overnight in an airport hotel.

Breakfast & lunch included. Overnight in Johannesburg.

Thursday 11th April

Rise early today for our journey home from Tambo Airport.


Please note that if you book a double room you will only be allocated a double room in the Foresters Arms and City Lodge Hotel. In the other accommodations you will be allocated a twin room. Rooms in Ndlovu Camp at Hlane do not provide electricity and are lit by gas lamp.

We may have the opportunity to visit an orphanage school in eSwatini where you may donate items if you wish.

For a better idea of what to expect in eSwatini, why not watch Fiona’s vlog from our 2017 Swazi adventure, which you can find below!

Single rooms are available at an additional cost of £350, subject to availability.