We are world leaders in blind and sighted travel, and we do things a little different to other tour companies. Here’s some information on how our holidays work.

  • Traveleyes Groups

    Our group holidays provide a safe, comfortable, and fun way for any blind or sighted person to travel solo. Our groups are normally between 14 and 20 people, and around half of the group are blind, and half are fully sighted. We aim to take a few extra sighted travellers along, just to make things a little easier. We place a real emphasis on sensory experiences on our trips. We include lots of tastings and sensory excursions, such as vineyards, street markets and gardens, and we dine together in the evenings, so you’ll never have to eat alone. After dinner, individuals can choose whether to socialise, or just relax with a bit of ‘me time’.


    Each day, we pair a sighted traveller with a different blind traveller. Swapping partners on a daily basis means that each person gets to know everyone else within the group. This is partly the reason why our groups bond so well! Blind travellers will tell their sighted friends how much vision they have, and how they like to be guided. Then it’s off to explore!

    Our sighted travellers are guides, not carers. Our blind travellers are very independent – all they need is a guide to describe the sights! 

  • Shared and single rooms

    The holiday booking price is based on a shared twin room. This helps keep group travel costs low and is part of the sociable experience. We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible, which is why we create room partners based on your gender and interests. If you are travelling with a companion, you will automatically be sharing a room unless you request otherwise. However, for those of you who enjoy your own space, we offer single rooms at an additional cost. This amount is dependent on the holiday and availability.

    Specialist Tour Managers

    In addition to using the very best local tour guides, our specially trained tour managers accompany all of our holidays. Traveleyes tour managers ensure that everything runs smoothly, from the initial group meeting at the departure airport, until the end of the holiday. What’s more, they love exploring the world with you, and are renowned for bringing the groups together, creating the most sociable of travel experiences. We take great pride in providing you with excellent service before, during and after your holiday, so you can simply relax, and enjoy.

  • International Travellers

    Travellers join us from all over the world. In fact, we have international travellers in most of our groups, though they are all English speaking. When searching for your perfect holiday, you can select between UK and non-UK prices on the search results page. When selecting non-UK prices, a rough estimate is displayed in your local currency. It is also displayed in pounds, as this is the currency you will pay in. When you select a holiday from your list of search results, you can also request a flight quote from your local airport.

    If you want to organise your own flights, we also offer land-only packages. You will then meet up with the group at the airport and you’re on your way!

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    Traveleyes operates a clear and transparent pricing policy – it is always our intention to be very competitive in comparison to other UK-based group tour operators offering similar itineraries or trips. We start from the point of wanting to make our blind or partially sighted prices on par with our competitors. We passionately believe that our travellers should not be paying more than they may do with other companies. As we are asking our sighted travellers to guide and be the ‘eyes’ for our visually impaired travellers, we discount the sighted price (which is entirely subsidised by Traveleyes) by up to 50%.   Visually impaired travellers pay for a great holiday on par with other operators with the added benefit of having a new sighted guide each day to describe the sights. Sighted travellers benefit from great holidays in fabulous locations and the opportunity to help others explore the world – and pay half of what they may do with other standard tour operators!   Also, thanks to our great relationship with suppliers, we are often allowed access to experiences other tour companies simply can’t offer, such as up-close safaris and getting up close and personal with the Terracotta Army in China!