“Brits’ Favourite Travel Companies”

THE MIRROR The British Travel Awards 2019 has revealed the world’s best travel companies this year – as voted for by the British public. In fact, 402,734 Brits cast a whopping 867,221 votes for firms across cruises, holidays, airlines and much more… Read the full article here

“Seeing the sites”

THE SUN New BBC2 documentary ‘Travelling Blind’ explores what it’s like to travel the world without sight. Amar Latif presents a one-off programme showing the intricate relationship between a sighted and visually impaired traveller. Read the full article here

“What I’ve learned…as a blind traveller”

LONELY PLANET In March 2019 edition of the Lonely Planet, you can find an interview with Amar Latif regarding what he has learnt as a blind traveller and how he came to set up Traveleyes. Full interview on page 45 in issue 123

“From where I’m sitting, I’ve gained at least as much as my blind partner has. I feel I’ve had an amazing time with a great bunch of people.”

NEW ZEALAND HERALD Last summer, journalist Xenia Taliotis joined Traveleyes on a walking trip to Madeira to experience a Traveleyes holiday on this fascinating island. Her full article in the New Zealand Herald can be found by clicking the link below. Read the full article here

“Since 2005, thousands of blind and visually impaired people have discovered places where once access for them was off limits.”

DAILY EXPRESS Our Founder Amar Latif spoke to the Express, talking about the origins of Traveleyes, how it all works and our plans for the future! Read the full article here

“Cuba: Visually-impaired travel”

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC How do you see the world without sight? An initiative that pairs up visually impaired and sighted travellers as guides has presented a solution, and on a trip to Cuba, it seems both parties are benefitting! Read the full article here

“What it’s like to travel abroad when you’re blind: Acting as ‘eyes’ for visually-impaired holidaymakers” 

INDEPENDENT Karen Bowerman writes about her trip to Rome with Traveleyes and talks about the great dynamics between sighted and blind travellers. Read the full article here

“I wanted to set up something to allow people in my position to have a great time. Because what I wanted didn’t exist, I thought either I do without, or I change things.”


CNN Business Traveller joined a Traveleyes trekking trip  to Madeira as part of a series on accessible travel. Together, they climbed Pico Ruivo, the highest mountain in Madeira and interviewed Amar Latif, Traveleyes’ Founder and Director, as well as talking to some of our travellers to get an insight into how it all works. Watch the video here

“My biggest revelation was having my own eyes opened by the non-sighted travellers to fresh ways of experiencing a destination.”

The Telegraph

Travel writer, Mark Stratton, joins a Traveleyes group to explore Cuba’s highlights. Like many first time sighted travellers, Mark discovers the world in much greater detail as he describes the sights to fellow blind travellers. In particular, he writes about the bond formed between him and his blind travel companion. Read the full article online

“Sighted people can experience the world from a new perspective.”

The Independent

Amar Latif shares with us, in his own words, how and why he foundered Traveleyes. This feature covers his journey of discovery from being a young boy who lost his sight, to the blind guy who wants to show you the world. He also discusses what sighted travellers have to gain from a Traveleyes holiday as they learn to see with their other senses. Read the full article online

Wanderlust travel magazine

“The blind man who wants to show you the world”

Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Peter Moore asks Amar Latif a whole host of fact finding questions. If you’re new to Traveleyes and want to find out more about how it all works, this is a great feature to read. Read the full article online

“How even the blind can see the sights on holiday”

Yorkshire Evening Post & Yorkshire Post

Where do we go and what do we do when we get there? Amar speaks to the Yorkshire Evening Post about how to build holidays for both blind and sighted travellers. Read the full article online

“Traveleyes organises group holidays for blind and sighted people that are liberating, fun, and yes, eye-opening, too”

The Guardian

Jon Henley, a Guardian feature writer, joined a Traveleyes group in Sorrento to experience our world unique holidays first hand. Henley writes about the destination, blind and sighted pairs, community spirit, the diverse group and Amar Latif in this thoroughly interesting feature. Read the full article online