The Companion Cane

Sometimes you just need a bit of space.
Get Independence but with a Guide's Support...

Photo description: The cane is fully collapsed with it's orange TE label on show. The cane lies on top of a black drawstring bag, with orange strings
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Product Details

Are you tired of holding on to someone’s arm when being guided, or perhaps you long to feel like you’re walking by yourself and to be alone with your thoughts? Maybe you just fancy a bit of space and independence but want to feel safe whilst doing so. If any of these notions have ever crossed your mind, then we may have the solution for you…introducing the Companion Cane!

The Companion Cane, as seen on BBC One’s The One Show, is a horizontal cane design, with handles on each end, that extends from 1-metre to 1.5-metres, and allows safe and comfortable assistance without a guide by your side!

Each cane comes with clear instructions for use attached to the product, but for our vision impaired users please find a plain text version available  – here

Material: Aluminium Length: 1500mm fully extended

The Companion Cane £79


Product Highlights

  • Enables freedom and peace when with a guide
  • Provides a solution to social distancing
  • Made of high-quality materials, and durable, lightweight and flexible to use
  • The non-slip handle is comfortable, easy to hold and can also prevent slipping
  • It is adjustable, extending up to 1500mm and folding to just 360mm
  • Durable elastic strap can be worn on the wrist for extra safety
  • The Companion Cane Story

    When the pandemic hit, every single person was affected in one way or another. One group particularly hard-hit was the blind community, with no specific guidance on how to safely assist or guide those with vision impairments. Traveleyes founder Amar Latif originally created the Companion Cane to enable social distancing when guiding, but as time moved on, it became clear the cane has utility far beyond the covid crisis! Whether you simply want to walk in peace, don’t fancy linking arms with a stranger, or need a hand navigating through a tight space – the Companion Cane offers a new way of guiding.

    To see just how easy the Companion Cane is to use, watch our handy video starring Traveleyes Founder, Amar Latif, who demonstrates the various ways and locations the cane can be used in!

  • Photo description: A close up of the Companion Cane folded to its smallest size. The handles are black with wrist straps and the Traveleyes Logo in orange is along the poles of the cane

    Passed the 'Amar' Test

    Designed, tried, and tested by Amar Latif (Traveleyes Founder), approved by the RNIB, and coming to airports and train stations near you…The Companion Cane is a simple solution to an age-old problem: how to experience the world alone, when you have a sighted guide by your side.

    Safety that suits the current challenges

    If you’re looking for a product to help you navigate through these ever-changing times, that can enhance the way you explore the world around you and provide a level of security and safety unlike anything else, then The Companion Cane is for you. Vision impaired users should always use their regular white cane alongside the Companion Cane.

Why the companion cane?

It’s a fact that as we navigate out of the pandemic, life will never be the same. Sure, things will start to go back to ‘normal’ but some of the practices drilled into us for the past year will stay with us for a long time. Not cleaning gym equipment after using it? How 2019 of you. Pointless meetings in an obscure location that could be an email? Never again. Physical guiding from a total stranger? Not if you don’t want it! An idea born from social distancing has evolved to become so much more than that, the Companion Cane offers a new option for assistance and gives the user the choice of proximity to their guide. Not everyone likes to be touched when guided, but until now there has been little other choice.

Space and independence

Something that most people are lucky enough to take for granted is the simple idea of getting out and about alone. Some days we all want to pop on our boots and gallivant around the countryside, with no interruptions except our own thoughts. For many, this is simply not an option. How do you hike a new trail alone when you’re blind? The Companion Cane allows users to head out wherever they fancy with their guide and then simply extend the cane to its maximum distance of 1.5 metres to experience walking alone, but in a safe and controlled manner.

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