“I’m the blind guy who

wants to show you the world!”


Firstly, welcome to Traveleyes! We believe that travel is more than just the seeing of sights. It is a world of new experiences which cannot be captured in a photograph. We take groups of students around the world to experience new cultures, learn new skills and increase knowledge alongside visually impaired travellers. 

We combine the responsibility, maturity and confidence-building skills involved in guiding a visually impaired person, with a rich travel experience – further enhanced by the unique, non-visual exploration of the world around us.

Sighted students help us make the world a more accessible place by guiding and describing the sights to our blind travellers. This unique travel experience has been life-changing for both students and visually impaired travellers and combines with curriculum requirements such as CAS and D of E.


Travel is more than just the seeing of sights, and when we start looking with our other senses, the world becomes more alive. That’s how Traveleyes is changing the way we see the world.

Image of international school students with visually impaired travellers in front of a waterfall.

Growing up, I was always passionate about travel. But as a young boy, doctors broke the news to my parents that I would become permanently blind.

By the age of 19 I had lost 95% of my sight. Yet I knew that beyond the mist that surrounded me, was a world just waiting to be discovered. I launched Traveleyes in 2004, with the determination to make the world a more accessible place for blind and visually impaired people, experiencing the world with all 5 of our senses.

Soon after this, my Father met a teacher from the Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA), Hong Kong, in a restaurant in Glasgow. Being the proud father that he was, it wasn’t long until the conversation led to Traveleyes and the idea to combine school trips with the Traveleyes experience was born.







Our first trip to Prague and Vienna in 2013 saw 20 students from VSA guiding 6 visually impaired travellers, Traveleyes received the highest rated feedback and we now lead school trips for schools all over the world.

I chose to take a different approach to travel. Many others have chosen this way since, and return to us time and time again. I hope this brochure inspires you to do the same, because as you share your sight, together we can share the adventure.

Traveleyes Groups

We take groups of students, visually impaired travellers and teachers in groups of 18 and above. Around a third of the group are blind and the rest are sighted students and teachers.

Blind and Sighted Pairs

Each day, we pair 2 or 3 students with a different blind traveller. Swapping partners daily means that each traveller gets to know everyone else within the group. Blind travellers will tell their sighted partner how much they can see, and how they like to be guided. Then it’s off to explore!

What’s Included

Our trips are hand made by our expert team. We first discuss your school’s requirements, expectations and budget for the trip. We have the expertise to advise different suitable destinations as well as the flexibility to tailor and suggest a programme that fits your budget. We endeavour to include as much as we can at the best possible value.

No Experience Necessary

You don’t need any experience of blindness to travel with us. All our blind travellers are completely independent and don’t need any additional assistance. Your role does not go beyond guiding and describing sights. Our tour managers bring expertise to the group, and will offer support whenever needed.

How does Traveleyes incorporate the CAS programme?

Traveleyes School trips are a natural fit with CAS

  • A row of crayola wax crayons in colour order


    is interpreted through the sharing of vision with others. Describing sights and surroundings develops the image in your partners’ mind and also creates a lasting memory in your own mind as you take the time to share the detail in your surroundings.

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    is achieved through our included sensory excursions. We tailor-make tactile activities in each destination we visit. A few examples include cooking Italian food in the Tuscan countryside, finding dinosaur fossils in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and traditional farm activities like egg-collecting on a Saxon farm in Transylvania. Our excursions are inclusive for both our visually impaired travellers and students providing the dual-reward of learning new skills whilst simultaneously making the activity accessible to their visually impaired partner.

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    is a fundamental feature of our trips as students share their vision with their visually impaired partners. Describing the sights as we explore new destinations, guiding their partner over rough terrain on walks and assisting with general day-to-day life as we make travel accessible for visually impaired people who would otherwise be unable to travel.

Ultimately, not only will the students vastly improve their communication and collaboration skills as each day they face the challenge of guiding a different visually impaired traveller around a new destination, but they will gain a new-found confidence and discover new skills that will enrich their later lives. The students will develop a worldly view as they mix with adults from other cultures and help create lasting memories not only for themselves but for our visually impaired travellers.

Find out what teachers and students have to say

Matthew Kwong, Year 11 Student – Granada, 2014

“This is the most meaningful trip I have ever been to. I was quite nervous about being a sighted guide in the beginning but as we got to know the visually impaired, we became friends and that made our job much easier. At first, I thought we were the ones giving them help, turns out they offered us a lot more. We learnt from them how we should use our other senses to feel the world around us, by hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, and to use our imagination to the fullest. This is the way to travel.”

Richard Parker, School Principal, Granada and Tuscany, 2014

“I am a School Principal and I have accompanied the students on two Traveleyes trips, one to Tuscany and the second to Andalucía in Southern Spain. I have loved both trips and as an educational experience for our students they have been amazing. Our students have acted as guides and shown an impressive dedication to the task, training before they go and committed to doing everything they can for their vi’s. There is always a wonderful group atmosphere and the bonding by the end is incredible. Students are still in contact with the vi’s they met on those trips and have even arranged their own visits to their homes. There are always tears when we say goodbye at the end of the holiday. All in all two wonderful experiences for everybody involved.”

Kimberley Lau, sighted student, Prague & Vienna April 2013

“If you ask me what I learned the most from this trip, I’d say it is the sense of responsibility; the feeling that somebody is giving me full trust and depending entirely on my guidance as they walk on foreign roads, and that I am the one with the ability to help them see all the beautiful places. The satisfaction from making them smile and say ‘that’s beautiful’ at something they cannot see for themselves is just indescribable.”

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