As a sighted traveller with Traveleyes, you’ll see more of the world as you guide and describe the sights to a different blind traveller each day. This is a highly sociable experience and sharing your sight often results in an amazing sense of fulfilment and appreciation for the world around you. You don’t need any experience of blindness and, as a thank you from us, you get to travel for up to 50% less!

See more of the world

When you take the time to describe the sights to a blind traveller, you notice so much more of the world around you. We promise you’ll take home more vivid memories than ever before. Seeing is only part of the experience. As a sighted traveller you’ll learn to explore with a focus on your other senses too. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve been missing out on.

Save up to 50% on all holidays

By guiding and sharing your sight, you’re helping us make the world accessible to our blind travellers. Because of this, and as a thank you, we’re able to subsidise the cost of our trips to sighted travellers by up to 50%. This means you can travel for less, and use the rest to spoil yourself while you’re away.

Guiding is easy

When you book a Traveleyes holiday, we’ll send you an information pack which includes tips on how to guide. Here’s an example; “As we approach the dinner table, rather than putting a blind person in their seat, simply place their hand on the back of their chair.” In addition to this, your tour manager will take you through some practical steps and be happy to answer any questions you may have. Guiding is simply about being mindful. Soon enough, you’ll forget you’re even doing it. Here is a short, fun and informative sighted guide training video.


Share your sight

Describing the sights means that our blind travellers can enjoy them too. There’s no specific skills required, just explain what you see and how you see it. Most of the time this will happen through natural conversation, as if you were speaking with another sighted person. You’ll hear other members of the group describing things too, which always helps. You don’t need to be a poet or consider yourself a creative thinker. Your words will paint a mental picture for our blind travellers to cherish long after the holiday.

Our typical sighted traveller

If you’re still wondering whether this experience is right for you, we have two questions for you:

  1. Do you like people?
  2. Do you love travel?

If your answer is yes to both, then it’s a yes from us! People join our groups from all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. It’s what makes the experience so great. We have a mixture of ages (18+) within the group, and this can depend on the type of holiday you choose. For more information on which is the right holiday for you, contact our friendly team, or see our list of holidays.

5 Star Testimonial

5 stars


“My first experience of a Traveleyes holiday was a joy and a privilege. Sharing a wide range of experiences with visually impaired travellers heightened my appreciation of our adventures together. Great fun, great people and I’ll be back for more!”

Jean Robinson, sighted traveller – Burma, 2017