2018 has been a funny old year, from orange snow falling in Europe to England’s seemingly eternal heatwave! Let’s not forget the World Cup Fever that gripped the nation, or Royal Wedding mania, as we saw two countries come together for one magnificent day.

Whilst across the globe there has been plenty going on, we’ve had our fair share of excitement here at Traveleyes over the past 12 months. Year by year, Traveleyes grows a little bit more and 2018 has been no exception, from more trips to a bigger team! This year alone we have embarked on over 50 trips, spanning across 42 countries and introduced hundreds of travellers to new and exciting cultures and destinations. What’s always a delight to see is so many returning faces, who join us trip after trip, to explore each corner of the globe and show our newer travellers (over 200 this year!) how we do things on a Traveleyes trip.

As Traveleyes grows, so does our passion for looking after the world that we love to explore so much. That’s why this year we were delighted to partner up with Water-to-Go, a company whose main ethos is to offer safe and drinkable water across the world, no matter where you are. We’re also taking steps to be as green as possible! As a travel company, we are aware of our carbon footprint. So, we have taken a step back to see what little things we can do, such as thinking before we print and encouraging our customers to do the same!


And we didn’t stop there when venturing into new territory this year, as we launched our first ever charity challenge! We joined forces with the Chronicle Sunshine Fund and sent some of our lovely travellers on a trek through Kerala, raising over £40,000 through their efforts for this wonderful charity! Following the success of this, we plan to make charity challenges a more permanent part of Traveleyes, so keep a lookout for one that might suit you!


Before the year draws to a close, we found the time to squeeze in one more adventure, Traveleyes’ first ever Christmas Ball! Over the years, friendships have formed, partners have met, and lifelong relationships have developed on our trips and we thought it was about time to bring all these amazing friendships together for one big old Christmas celebration!

January is fast approaching, and with it, a new year full of possibilities and adventure. Here at Traveleyes HQ, we are excited to see what the coming months bring and the next year of exploration with you all! We are incredibly fortunate to have such a fantastic base of travellers, who join us as we attempt to uncover ever inch of the world, in our truly unique way. So, from all of us here at Traveleyes, we hope you had a wonderful 2018 and an even better 2019!