One of the best things about travelling is getting to try a myriad of different foods from around the world. From the strong smell of spices in India to the fragrant scent of lemongrass in Thailand and from the hit of coffee on an early morning in Italy to the fresh fish of Greece, food can be such a big part of the adventure. If you’re travelling in Europe this year and you want to ensure you’re going to get a good feed, then check out the best European foodie destinations below!


The hipster central of Germany, Berlin is more known for its divisive history and brutalist architecture than its culinary delights. However, in recent years, the food scene has stepped up a notch in the city. From vegan doughnuts – head to Brammibals early for your pick of the best – to handcrafted Neapolitan pizzas at Zola, and delicious sushi served on a platter to a Vietnamese bahn mi for a quick bite to eat, Berlin is truly international. If you do want a taste of Germany though, you can’t go wrong with Currywurst, a chopped up fried pork sausage coated in a sweet curry ketchup and a layer of spices. One ticket to Berlin, please!

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Currywurst with sauce and spices in paper bag.



Oh Paris, everything about the city is oh so elegant and the food is no different – especially at the patisseries the city is famous for. Feast on pretty eclairs and colourful macarons – Laudree and Pierre Herme are the places to go for these delicious treats. Or, for a more savoury take on pastry, enjoy a leisurely breakfast with a fresh croissant and coffee. We’ve heard that Ble Sucre is one of the best in the city…

Traditional French desserts eclairs with chocolate icing on dark cake board with cinnamon stick on blue background.



Sorrento is a great destination for all the Italian classics such as fresh pasta and pizza. However, it’s the beverages you should come here for. Tart lemons from lemon groves around the city get made into limoncello, a delightfully refreshing drink that you’ll find in gelato and Baba Limoncello – tasty sweet cakes with that added zesty zing.

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Traditional homemade lemon liqueur, limoncello, and fresh citrus on an old wooden board.



What can we say about Lisbon other than the food here is incredible. As a city by the sea, restaurants have the best access to the freshest seafood in Portugal – Time Out Market Lisbon is a great place to get this! However, one of the favourite savoury dishes of the city is Bacalhau, a salted cod that is usually served shredded over fried potato, onion and scrambled egg. If you fancy something sweet, one thing you can’t miss out on in Lisbon is the legendary Pasteis de Nata – a sweet custard pastry that is perfect for a mid-afternoon snack!

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Portuguese custard tart is a Portuguese egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. Crusty and flaky on the outside and creamy on the inside.



One of the best tapas destinations in the world is Seville. And the best way to sample all the tapas is to bar hop from one place to another – sitting down for a formal meal isn’t really the thing to do in this city! Grab a drink as you pick items such as paprika grilled octopus, jamon iberico, croquettes and many more! Enjoy one or two dishes before hopping onto the next bar and continue like this all night!

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People eating Pulpo a la Gallega with potatoes.



Corfu’s best food is found in the olives and olive oil, the rich meat and the fresh fish. All of these flavours combine together to create delicious dishes such as Souvlaki, Stifado, Mousaka or Pastitsada. Gyros – pita bread with roasted pork or lamb with French fries, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki – is also a mouth-watering Greek dish that you’ll probably get hooked on in Corfu.

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Traditional Greek wrapped sandwich gyros - tortillas, bread pita with a filling of vegetables, beef meat and sauce tzatziki on a black stone table.



Danish food in Copenhagen is influenced by a lot of different nationalities from all over the world. Firstly, you have Danish specialities such as Smorrebrod – an open bread sandwich of rye bread topped with fish, meat or vegetables and often accompanied by a sauce – and fiskefrikadeller, a fishcake of white fish, onion, parsley lemon and seasoned with salt and pepper. There are several dishes though that you might not expect to find in Copenhagen, hot dogs being one of them. Stands are all over the city and you’ll find the Rod Polse (the red sausage) one of the most popular and they’re perfect for a cheap and quick bite to eat between all the sightseeing!

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A woman is holding a Danish red sausage in a bun with roasted onion on it. The woman has brown hair and is standing on cobblestone.



Waffles, fries, chocolate, beer – need we say more? Bruges is a hot spot for all these delicious foods, and we bet devouring all of the above – maybe not all at once but definitely in quick succession! – will be one of the highlights of your stay here.

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Tourist holds in hand popular street food - Belgium waffle with chocolate sauce and a background of city tourist streets of Bruges.


Famous for fresh salmon, you can’t go wrong in Edinburgh when hunting down a dish of this beautiful fish. Alternatively, try out haggis, a true Scottish dish of meat (we’ll let you discover what kind), suet, onions, herbs and spices all packed into a sheep’s stomach and served with mashed potatoes – or tatties as they’re called in Scotland!

Ceramic plate of haggis, neeps, and tatties with beef gravy, and a glass of beer, on top of a wooden pub table.


First of all, you have to try Doner in Istanbul. These delicious kebabs are becoming a bit of a national dish in Germany but they’re they real deal in Turkey. There’s a huge amount of variety of doner here – from thinly sliced layers of crispy meat wrapped in thin lavas bread to a dish called Iskender which is served on top of thin pita with tomato and warm butter. Whichever way you eat doner meat in Turkey, it’s guaranteed to be delicious.

Hand holding tasty colorful doner kebab on the street.

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